Big Brother 18 Just Evicted Its Fourth Houseguest, With A Side Of Drama

Spoilers from Thursday night's live episode of Big Brother!

Paul's sunglasses were an unnecessary accessory tonight, as I'm not sure we've seen this much shade thrown during a live episode of Big Brother since Andrew blew up Hayden and Kristen's secret massage-showmance in Big Brother 12. After weeks of pretty predictable weeks in the Big Brother house, this week offered us some proper flip-flopping, demonstrating that these early evictions really do matter. And the Roadkill twist resulted in the alliance member of the Head of Household going home. Farewell, Bronte. Perhaps the Battle Back will give her another shot...

Kudos to Big Brother for focusing pretty much entirely on game talking the pre-vote. I like the prank packages and love the adorableness between James and Natalie, but there was too much game to cover this week to cram in filler. To recap that, from what we saw, Tiffany was the primary target. Frank was leading the charge. Da'Vonne saw that Frank was running the show, and likely targeting her next, and went to work getting people to see that no one but Frank really benefits from Tiffany leaving right now. There was some flipping and flopping, and eventually, Tiffany was staying and Bronte was a goner.

It was evident that Bronte and Tiffany knew what was coming. Bronte admitted to Julie that she was told that she was going twenty minutes prior to her eviction. Meanwhile, Tiffany showed her hand by delivering the shadiest pre-vote speech, referring -- without actually naming names, but it wasn't a secret -- to Frank as a dictator and calling him out for his gas. She also tossed a bit of snark Bridgette's way, referring to her as Frank's Cabbage Patch Kid.

If Bridgette and Frank knew what was coming before that speech, it didn't show. Even Da'Vonne seemed a bit stunned, though I think she did know Tiffany did have some kind of show planned, in the event that she was sure she was safe.

Tiffany was safe, by a vote of five to four. Keeping the vote close will likely result in Frank and Bridgette trying to figure out who saved Tiffany and who might actually be on his side. Really, Bridgette's the only one on his side. I wouldn't be surprise if Nicole tries to deny her participation in Bronte's admission, but I hope she sees that Frank's loose lips make him the worst kind of secret-alliance member.

As for Bronte, she went out gracefully, and smartly noted that the target for next week changed, which is the reason she's gone. She's not wrong. No one really had anything against Bronte. She was just on the wrong side of the situation. Points to Paul, however, for avoiding the target entirely. A week or two ago, he probably would've been an easy choice to send out, but no one seems remotely threatened by him now.

Frank may have been the planned target for next week, but due to the team twist, he'll be safe once again, as will Bridgette. If Paulie tried to throw that competition, he flubbed it royally. Maybe he didn't have faith that Nicole would win it. Given that he could've been a target if Frank were to win it, it's not hard to understand if he panicked. Regardless, it's going to be interesting to see who he targets for eviction this week.

We're one eviction away from the Battle Back twist. Which houseguest will join Bronte, Victor, Jozea and Glenn in fighting to win a return ticket back to Big Brother?

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