Big Brother 18 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto?

Big Brother 18 HoH room

Spoilers from the past few days of Big Brother 18 live feeds, including who Bridgette nominated for eviction, who won Roadkill, who the third nominee is, and who won the Power of Veto. If you'd rather not know those things, read no further!

Per usual, we'll break down the power positions for the week so far...

Head of Household - Bridgette

Nominated by Bridgette - Paul, Tiffany

Won Roadkill - Frank

Roadkill nomination - Bronte

Veto winner - Bridgette

Veto used? - Not yet. Ceremony hasn't taken place.

On paper, this looks like a really good week for Bridgette and Frank. The two houseguests, who've gotten chummy over the last couple of weeks, hold all of the power in the house. In reality, I'm far less certain about how good this week is for them. But before we get into that, it looks like Tiffany is in the crosshairs this week. From what I've seen, it seems like she's the primary target, but I'm not sure how locked in that situation is from the rest of the house's perspective. No one is overly attached to Paul, and Bronte's been whispered about as a potential pre-jury eviction for some, so the house might be waiting to see if Veto gets used before figuring out who needs to go.

Getting back to Frank and Bridgette, Frank's social game has suffered some pretty noticeable setbacks. Specifically, there was drama late last week when Frank smacked Da'Vonne on the backside. She didn't appreciate the gesture, to put it mildly, and she let it be known. By Frank's laughter after the smack, it seemed like he meant it in a joking manner, but Da'Vonne didn't think it was funny, and it sounds like this isn't the first time he's rubbed women the wrong way with his behavior. in the house. Frank was apologetic when Da'Vonne got upset over the butt-slap, but he was also kind of defensive about it, as if he's surprised that some women might not like having their butt slapped by him.

Though it caused some ripples in the otherwise mostly harmonious vibe in the house, the butt-slap fallout probably wouldn't be enough by itself to have a lasting impact on Frank's game. But he's already drawn negative attention on himself for making deals and very-obviously playing his own game, including his decision to tell Paulie about the 8-Pack without notifying the group first. What's more, he's winning competitions when he doesn't need to, which only shines a light on what a threat he is, and how it'll likely only get harder and harder to get him out. If he or his team doesn't win Head of Household on Thursday, I won't be surprised if he's the primary target for eviction. Or at the very least, if the house has a chance to take him out, they'll take it.

As for Bridgette, she may not be in the best spot coming out of this week, if the house decides Frank is the next target. Bridgette would be a good backup eviction if they can't get Frank out. Not only do people see that she's close with Frank, but she's also proven she's capable of winning competitions. One win might be a fluke. A second shows she's really here to play.

In other news, James and Natalie have gotten very close. And by close, I mean, they talk a lot. If there's a budding showmance there, we haven't quite seen the sparks yet, but they clearly trust one another, sharing both personal and game secrets with one another. I almost want to compare this alliance to James and Meg last season, except that there seems to be a lot more whispering between these two than I remember there being with Meg. And Natalie and James aren't in each others' primary alliances. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'd like to think this friendmance is building toward the kind of game alliance that actually has a chance to matter in the game... which couldn't be said for James' friendship with Meg.

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