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How The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Will Kick Off

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The Big Bang Theory gave viewers a lot to feel awkward about through Season 9's run, from Sheldon and Amy doing the dirty deed to Wil Wheaton's Star Wars jokes to Bernadette's pregnancy (which naturally made everyone think about Howard's reproductive organs, right?). The finale upped the ante in a strange way, as everyone was left wondering what manner of sordid seduction transpired between Sheldon's mom and Leonard's dad. And it sounds like Season 10 is going to pick up right where it left off. According to showrunner Steve Molaro:

We're left with a good amount of tension between all the parents. There's a lot of fallout the following morning before we even get to the ceremony, if we even do.

Note that Molaro did not express to EW exactly what kind of tension is being had between the parents, so he's almost definitely talking about some sexually motivated suspense. Just probably not between Leonard's mother Beverly and anyone else, since her tension input will likely be exclusively snark-filled and directed at her ex-husband Alfred, who spent some rented-room time with Sheldon's mom Mary. By the time Alfred and Mary show their (presumably flushed) faces, everyone's nerves will definitely be on high alert.

Not the least of which will be Leonard and Sheldon themselves, as they've been forced to live with the concept that an impromptu trip to a justice of the peace is all that's separating them from being stepbrothers. (Then they could bring in Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, since modern pop culture is mature enough for a Step Brothers shared universe.) Should Alfred and Mary show any signs that their one night stand is an open-ended relationship, expect Sheldon and Leonard to put their brains to work to figure out how to demolish it by any means necessary.

From a viewer's perspective, it would be fabulous to have the older generation around for longer than just a limited arc. After years of knowing him only by name, Alfred was a welcome arrival, especially with the ever-enjoyable Judd Hirsch playing him. And Laurie Metcalf is always gold as Mary, as evidenced by her recent Emmy nomination for the role. (As well as for two other performances.) And if Christine Baranski also happens to stick around for parental mayhem, it will inspire zero complaints. Three of the show's best guest stars, all in one storyline.

It's unclear just how much more of The Big Bang Theory we're going to get in the future. The show has yet to be renewed past Season 10, and the cast and crew have talked about this being the end. That probably won't be the case, though, since the show is a ratings extravaganza, but on the off-chance that it is, here's hoping Mary Cooper and Alfred Hofstadter give audiences one of the season's most memorable moments.

Oh, and if Leonard and Penny actually do get to have their ceremony, I hope it's nice. And full of awkward moments.

The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS for Season 10 on Monday, September 19. To see everything else coming to TV later this year, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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