The Big Change Homeland Season 6 Is Making For Carrie


The hit Showtime series Homeland has gone through a lot of changes over the years in both setting and characters. Carrie has worked a few different jobs already and has lived everywhere from Virgina to Afghanistan. Now the bipolar former CIA officer is getting one of her biggest changes yet for Season 6, but it's not directly related to her. Carrie's Daughter Frannie is getting beefed up in the series and will be a more prominent presence on the show.

According to TVLine, Frannie will become a "major recurring" character on the show. Homeland is recasting the role, who will now be for a four-year-old girl. Season 6 will be taking place in New York, with Carrie and Frannie living in Brooklyn. Fans of the show will know that Frannie hasn't played a big a part yet, but that looks like it's going to change in the upcoming season.

Frannie has always mostly been in the background, while her mom goes off and fights terrorists and mean CIA people. Carrie mostly would leave Frannie with her sister, never showing much interest in raising her. Frannie is the child of Carrie and Brody, who was executed before she was even born. Thus, Carrie never felt a strong desire to raise her without him, and notably left her baby to be raised by her own father at the end of Season 3 after she was reassigned to Istanbul. The most notable moment in the relationship between Carrie and Frannie is that time Carrie seriously considered drowning her baby.

This new role for the Frannie character could mean a lot of things for Carrie. For one thing, we've never seen too much of Carrie actually being a mother. Their new life in Brooklyn will more than likely put a lot of pressure on Carrie, which in turn presumably leads to a lot more Carrie freak outs. We could also see how being an active mother can change Carrie, and if it changes how she operates at work. Either way, a lot is in store for Carrie to deal with this season.

Here's a clip from Season 4 of Carrie getting the "be a better mother" talk from her sister. This is a pretty good refresher of what their relationship has been like and what's in store for the mother-daughter duo in Season 6.

Homeland Season 6 is expected to premiere sometime in January 2017, but make sure to check into Cinema Blend for more updates. In the meantime check out our Fall TV Premiere Schedule and our Summer TV Schedule to learn when some of your other favorite shows are coming back.

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