Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto, And Who's The Target?

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who was nominated for eviction, who won the Roadkill competition, who they nominated, and who won the Power of Veto. Also, a lot of game-drama.

As usual, let's break down the power positions for the week so far.

Head of Household - Paulie

Nominated by HoH - Tiffany, Natalie

Won the Roadkill competition - Tiffany

Nominated by Roadkill winner - Corey

Won the Power of Veto - Corey

Veto used? - Not yet, but most likely will be.

Primary target - Tiffany is once again int he crosshairs, and this time, it may be for real.

If the houseguests thought keeping Tiffany last week would keep their personal games more firmly secure, most of them were wrong. Despite sticking it to Frank, they unwittingly let loose Tiffany's frustration over being pawned around the house, kept out of the loop and possibly even forced to give that crazy pre-vote speech during the live show. I'm still not certain whether or not she was coerced into doing that in exchange for her safety, or merely encouraged to do it. Regardless, after Thursday's live show, Tiffany turned to Frank, seemingly deciding that she was an outcast in the house, and who better to ally with than someone else on the outside?

In the process, Tiffany spilled a lot of information to Frank, in exchange for info from him about things that were going on the past week. Afterward, she got very emotional (cried a ton) over how she's been treated in this game. In fairness to Tiffany, she's taken a lot of crap because of people's wariness of "Vanessa's sister." Paulie seems to be leading the charge there, in thinking Tiffany's one more apple on the emotional, manipulative, hardcore-gaming Rousso tree. There's some irony in Paulie constantly bringing this up, seeing as he may actually be playing a more aggressive version of his brother's game. And it's a version that has the potential to actually win, should he make it to the end. If people see that though, I haven't heard it brought up.

Tiffany's meltdown is proof that the social side of this game is as important as the strategic side, and part of that includes nurturing relationships with people with whom you're keeping secrets. In other words, if someone in the house knows where one or more bodies are buried, remember to be nice to them. It really did seem like Tiffany was being moved around like a chess piece last week, and no one thought to get close to her, or make sure she was really ok with everything, especially toward the end of last week when they were seriously considering keeping her. Maybe they assumed she was fine. Maybe they assumed someone else was on top of the situation. Regardless, when Tiffany had no one to turn to after the live episode, she turned to Frank. Declaring herself a "free agent" and spilling the beans on everything she knows may not be the best thing for Tiffany's game, but it's certainly not good for a lot of other people's games either.

New HoH, Paulie put up Natalie and Tiffany, with the intention of getting Tiffany out. Then Tiffany went and won the Roadkill. A good chunk of the house thought Frank won it, however, not that it made much of a difference, as Tiffany seems to be working with Frank. She put Corey up for eviction, and might've stood a better chance of staying, had he not won the Veto. Corey will presumably take himself off -- the Veto ceremony is Monday -- after which, there's a good chance Da'Vonne will go up in his place. As of the feeds (opens in new tab) last night, that seems to be the plan, and Da'Vonne knows it's coming.

Da'Vonne is acting confident that she's safe, and given what a huge target Tiffany is, especially after she escaped eviction last week, that may be the case. But if Tiffany can turn things around for herself by Thursday, and if Da'Vonne does end up being the replacement nominee, Day's not really as secure as she might think. People are wary of her at this point, and it doesn't seem like she has any one houseguest who's loyal to her over someone else, which is the exact problem Tiffany has been facing.

Paul is in a similar boat, in not having a hand to hold in what is slowly becoming a very paired-up season of Big Brother (James/Natalie, Corey/Nicole, Paulie/Zakiyah, Frank/Bridgette). Paul's way of dealing with it is not to cry, but to jump from room to room, exchanging information with everyone. Last night, he repeatedly declared himself a spy for Nicole, Corey, Paulie and the rest of the house, taking information from Tiffany and relaying pieces of it, mixed with his own version of things, to other people. I'm assuming he sees this as an opportunity to get in good with everyone. The problem is, he's mixing lies in with his info, which could very well come back around to bite him, if and when people start to notice.

At this point, while it seems like the house is hoping to get Tiffany out, but it's too early in the week to say for sure if that'll actually happen. And there's always the Battle Back competition to bring her back, if she does go.

Meanwhile, Corey has the Veto. If and when he uses it to save himself, Tiffany will have to nominate a replacement.

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