DC's Powerless Secretly Added A Hilarious Comedian To The Cast

When you start talking about all the great things going on in comic book television these days, it takes quite a while before the conversation gets to big laughs. Thankfully, NBC is working with DC Comics to change that up with the upcoming comedy Powerless, and apparently the show cast the hilarious comedian Ron Funches a short while back without doing much to let anyone in on the fun(ches). Check out the show's Comic-Con poster, which is our first look at his big smiling face with the cast, albeit an illustrated version.

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Ron Funches, a stand-up comedian whose transition to film and TV has been smooth as silk, is probably best known to mass audiences for playing Shelly on the now-cancelled Undateable, also on NBC. (Way to land on your feet, Funches!) Powerless will no doubt make use of his teddy bear charm as Ron, an IT tech working for the company at the center of the show, RetCon Insurance Co., which handles all of the accidents and disasters associated with the superheroes flying and speeding around town. Ron is a sweetheart that still holds the superpowered citizens near and dear, unlike many of his more cynical and hero-fatigued coworkers.

Created by Cars 2 writer and A to Z creator Ben Queen, Powerless is bringing Funches into an already stocked cast. Vanessa Hudgens stars as Emily, a sunny-side-up Ret-Con claims adjuster who appreciates that her job allows her to help people. Danny Pudi stars as her prank-loving best friend and coworker Teddy, while Christina Kirk will play Jackie, who shares Ron's love of all things heroes and shows it visually in her cubicle. Alan Tudyk is entering the company as the new boss Del, a sniveling twit whose promotion came because he's the big boss' son. Kate Micucci is also set to appear. And we'll also get to see what will hopefully be a bevy of superheroes of names both famed and obscure. (Crimson Fox is in the premiere episode.)

Funches took to his own Twitter page to let everyone know that he'd already shared this information, if anyone had been paying attention. Sorry, dude.

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Beyond his three-year stint on Undateable, Ron Funches can be seen and heard in such shows as Kroll Show, Drunk History, BoJack Horseman, Adventure Time and Another Period. You can also check him out in the film Get Hard and the upcoming animated movie Trolls.

There's still no specific release date set yet for Powerless, though it's expected to debut on NBC during the midseason onslaught. For everything you can watch before then, check out our summer TV schedule and our fall TV schedule.

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