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t.r. knight grey's anatomy

As most actors and actresses who work with Shonda Rhimes know, once you get on the producer mastermind's good side, you're more than likely locked into a career for many years. And though Rhimes and T.R. Knight had some reported difficulties behind the scenes of Grey's Anatomy that led to his exit, it's apparently water beneath the bridge, as Knight has been added to the cast of Shondaland's The Catch for its second season on ABC. Expect some fictional sparks to fly when he comes into the story.

For The Catch Season 2, T.R. Knight is being added as a recurring character, which means we might not get to see him as often as we'd like, and there admittedly isn't any juicy information to parcel out about who the actor will be playing. However, showrunner Allan Heinberg says that the role was created and written "especially for him," according to TVLine, so I'm putting all my money (except for the parts that I hide from everyone else, since this is The Catch we're talking about) on Knight's talents getting utilized in a major way for this twisting and turning tale of con artists and quasi-romance.

Heinberg is the perfect person to write for Knight, considering they worked together on Grey's Anatomy, along with executive producer Betsy Beers. In a statement, Shonda Rhimes said that Knight's involvement with The Catch has been a "thrilling secret to keep," so it sounds like he was contacted before the character was fully developed to make sure he'd be interested. (Rhimes also called Knight "one of my favorite family members," which is interesting.) Let's not expect for any Katherine Heigl-inspired characters to join soon, though.

The Catch stars Michelle Enos and Peter Krause as a couple whose relationship gets flipped upside-down when he commits fraud against her, something she should have seen, since she's a fraud investigator. Things escalated and went in many different directions as the season went on, so it's damned near impossible to guess who T.R. Knight might be playing. There's more than enough room for more duplicitous personalities, though, so I'm hoping he's damned near evil.

11.22.63 t.r. knight

Knight most recently showed off his skills of acting deplorable for the Hulu drama 11.22.63, where he played a smarmy and ruthless estranged husband of a sweetheart. Other than that, his biggest role since leaving Grey's Anatomy in 2009 has been a recurring stint on The Good Wife in 2013. While we can't expect him back on Grey's for Season 13, given the awful way he was written out of the show, it'll be great to see him on primetime network TV again. He was cast in the ABC pilot Broken earlier this year, but the network passed on it.

The Catch, which has had its own share of behind-the-scenes drama, ended Season 1 on a huge note, with one big situation seemingly getting wrapped up, only to have another big twist drop down, which mainly served to set up one final twist before the credits rolled. T.R. Knight had better have his dramatic chops oiled up and ready to go by the time Season 2 premieres on ABC on To see everything else coming to your TV later this year, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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