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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has finally taken over the world. The man has about 20 million movie projects in the works, a hit HBO TV show, and now he's going behind the camera for a new show on USA.

Johnson announced today via his Instagram account (because the man cannot stay off social media, and, really, we wouldn't want him to) that his Seven Bucks Productions banner is developing a new series for USA called Muscle Beach. The hour long scripted drama will follow the lives of the patrons and employees of a legendary bodybuilding gym in 1980s Venice Beach, California. According to the synopsis in Johnson's post, the show will look at the "colorful tribe of lost souls" who populate the gym and look to reinvent themselves so they can get a shot at the American dream, no matter what that goal costs them. The drama is also planning to explore the fitness obsessed '80s through the lens of the Reagan era and all the temptations offered by Los Angeles, along with the dark side that many people succumb to while chasing their dreams.

Right now, if appears that The Rock will have a strictly behind-the-scenes role on Muscle Beach, and, that's probably a good thing for the man's sanity at this point. After many post-wrestling superstar years trying to get his acting career off the ground, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has finally made the whole world smell what he's cooking by becoming a major Hollywood power player. He can now safely be classified as our new action star of the moment. Now, I know that this is a TV article, so I don't want to give too many props to movies in here, but it bears mentioning that he's currently signed on for lead roles in 12 upcoming films, including his voice work in Disney's Moana, which will be released on November 23. And, of course, all of the live-actions movies, from the Baywatch remake to Shazam!, will make great use of Johnson's abundant physical attributes.

Along with all his in-the-works movie projects, The Rock is also currently starring in the second season of his hit HBO show Ballers. The series focuses on his character, Spencer Strasmore, a former pro football player who, after becoming sidelined by an injury and nearly going broke, decides to become a financial manager for new NFL players, hoping to impart some of his don't-do-what-I-did-kids wisdom on them. The comedy/drama does a good job of showing off Johnson's ability to work in both genres when he's not shooting, running, punching or otherwise using his physical prowess on screen.

OK, doesn't this all just sound like too much? While I'm sure Dwayne Johnson has the energy to keep up with all his TV and film projects in front of and behind the camera from a purely well-nutritioned standpoint, how does he have any time to sleep with what his schedule must look like? If there's anything we know about him, it's that he always puts his all into every project he puts his name on, so I have no doubt that Muscle Beach will be worth the wait. Until the show debuts, check out our summer and fall TV premiere schedules to see what to check out in the meantime.

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