Teen Wolf Is Ending, Get The Details

Fans of MTV's Teen Wolf should hold on to their...fangs. It turns out that the show won't be on the air for too much longer. The show will be ending after its 100th episode.

CinemaBlend heard today at San Diego Comic-Con that Teen Wolf would be ending their run on MTV after the show reaches its 100th episode milestone. The show announced the decision during its packed panel at the convention, with panel members saying that they felt 100 episodes was "a good place" to end the show. Reaching the 100th episode will take the series through the end of Season 6, which will begin airing sometime in November.

Cast and crew members participating in the Teen Wolf panel didn't give a reason why the decision was made to end the series after the upcoming season, but some suspect that the injuries sustained by co-star Dylan O'Brien on the set of his film The Maze Runner: The Death Cure back in March may have something to do with why the show won't continue. O'Brien had a major role on the series, playing the best friend of the lead character. Of course, this is just speculation; it's also possible that the showrunners simply wanted to hit that big episode and then be able to go out on top and in full control of the ending of the story, which wouldn't have necessarily happened if the show stayed around until it got cancelled.

Teen Wolf is based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox film of the same name, but takes the story away from its silly teen comedy roots and into something quite darker. The show focuses more on werewolf mythology, romance and horror, and led to it being a solid hit for MTV. With its dark, sexy and edgy tone, and dark humor, the producers see Teen Wolf as being more similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer than the film it's based on. The story still focuses on teen (wolf) Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he navigates high school with his friends and deals with the power and troubles that come from his supernatural nature. In the MTV update, Scott's werewolf side isn't known to most of the population of his small town, while in the movie everyone knew about him and the gifts that came with being a teen wolf. The fantasy drama has received mostly positive reviews from critics during its run.

During the panel, show creator Jeff Davis said that they were looking forward to giving fans "one last, thrilling adventure." Season 6 will see two big new villains in town, known as the Ghost Riders, who will be connected to the Wild Hunt mythology that was introduced to the show in Season 5.

You can catch the final season of Teen Wolf on MTV starting this November.

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