Marvel's Iron Fist Trailer Is Punchy And Intense

This evening, Marvel Studios and Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer for Luke Cage, the new series that will be out this fall -- but they've also given us a sneak peek at what will be the franchise-within-a-franchise's fourth major series: Iron Fist. Watch the brand new video below, featuring the first ever live-action footage with the character!

So what exactly is it that we're looking at in this trailer? Well, if we take it all at face value, and also assume that all of the events are in chronological order, then it seems like what we're mostly seeing is snippets of the journey that hero Danny Rand started on when he was just a young boy. It begins with a plane crash, and a young Danny being comforted by his mother. While whether or not she survives it not made clear in the footage, the young boy does live, and finds himself strapped to an airplane seat on the side of a snowy mountain. He is found by a pair of monks who presumably save him, and that's when his journey to superhero-dom begins.

Years later the man who would be known as Iron Fist returns home to New York, and while it seems that he doesn't get the warmest reception at first -- strapped to a hospital bed against his will -- it's not long before he starts working on his abilities stateside, showcased by his ability to completely decimate a concrete wall. In short -- it's all pretty badass.

Created by Scott Buck, whose previous credits include Six Feet Under, Rome and Dexter, Iron Fist will tell the story of young Danny (played by Finn Jones), who is a young man born into a wealthy family in New York who winds up going on one hell of a mystical adventure. Traveling to the ancient city of Kun Lun, he becomes a martial arts master through years of incredible training, and it leaves him with an incredible gift: the ability to channel all of his chi into his fist, giving it strength beyond any other human. After returning to his home city, he begins a mission to clear out corruption and crime. Presumably we will eventually get to see him put on a green suit and yellow mask while doing so -- but we all knew that costume wasn't going to be featured in the show's first teaser trailer.

Iron Fist has been filming this summer, and is slated for release some time in 2017 -- and while it's expected that we'll see it in the first few months of the year, no official date has been announced. While we wait for more details, what did you think of this debut trailer? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts!

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