The Huge Challenge The 100 Characters Will Face In Season 4

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The 100 ended on its most epic cliffhanger to date in the Season 3 finale when the final moments revealed that Clarke and Co. will have to try to stave off a second nuclear apocalypse. The reactors that had been abandoned after the first nuclear apocalypse are melting down, and the good guys only have six months to find a way to stop them from taking out what life remains on the planet. According to 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg, the planet isn't going to make it easy for them. Here's what Rothenberg has to say about the state of the Earth in Season 4:

The Earth strikes back; it's an unbeatable foe. It becomes about who gets to survive...The Earth is the Ark.

Jason Rothenberg teased the troubles facing Clarke in Season 4 while speaking at San Diego Comic-Con. Combined with his promise that the Season 4 obstacles would be downright Biblical in destructive scale, we should brace ourselves for some dark days in Season 4. Just as the characters had to deal with the unbeatable foe of outer space on a timetable with the failing Ark, they'll have to deal with an inexhaustible Earth throwing all of its poisoned elements at them as they try to find a way to save it. Polis itself will fall victim to catastrophic weather as the Earth strikes back.

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Unfortunately, Clarke may have trouble finding folks who are willing to help her try to save the planet. Jason Rothenberg has revealed that not everybody will have the same attitude toward survival when it comes to their biggest challenge yet.

We're definitely going to see a range of reactions. [Some] people are just done fighting and they want to keep partying until the end of the world.

All things considered, wanting to party until the end of the world doesn't sound like such a terrible idea. Stopping apocalyptic meltdowns all over the world from their location in the wasteland would have sounded improbable even in the best of times; it wouldn't be too surprising if witnessing the destruction of Polis would make the prospect of saving the world sound impossible. Of course, partying might be hard if the planet is going full Old Testament and throwing plagues down on the unlucky people on the ground, but denial would be pretty appealing in the characters' circumstances.

Season 4 won't be the first time that Clarke stands almost alone in a crusade. She's spent the better part of three seasons making initially unpopular decisions because they're best for her people; we can probably expect that she'll have her regular smaller crew with her on her quest to save the world. Bellamy will certainly be Team Clarke now that he seems to have his head on straight again, and a few of the most trustworthy delinquents will undoubtedly side with their former leaders.

Unfortunately, The 100 isn't on the fall schedule for The CW, so we shouldn't get our hopes up that we'll see how Clarke and Bellamy fight back against the planet until the show's regular midseason slot. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you can catch on the small screen during the wait for Season 4 of The 100.

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