An Unexpected Character Just Made A Huge Return On Bones

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Spoilers for tonight's season finale of Bones are all over this article. If you aren't caught up on the series, you may want to turn back, unless you just have to know the epic spoiler from tonight's episode! (We get it, if so.)

Bones has featured a lot of crazy twists and turns over the years, including killing off characters, turning other characters into serial killers and even paralyzing one character during a memorable episode. Because of this, it shouldn't come as a huge shock when Fox's long-running series decides to throw another twist at the audience. Still, Bones' big season finale twist tonight left me reeling, not only because an unexpected character returned but also because of how the Fox drama opted to do it. But first, before leaving you in any further suspense, let me just tell you: Zack Addy is back.

If you've been keeping tabs on Bones for the last couple of weeks, the creative team was promising a big finale and that's exactly what we got at the end of Season 11. We recently learned that the finale would feature a killer that directly related to the show's past, and as it turned out, the finale plotline directly related to Zack Addy. This week, the team was dealing with the puppeteer from earlier in the season that Cam called "Puppito." This time, the killer's victim was dressed in Dr. Brennan's clothing. While that was going on, Brennan was also dealing with some weird dreams that made the episode even more odd. She sought help during the episode, but these dreams recalled back to her past.

There were a lot of twists and terms regarding who the puppeteer might be. But possibly, this formerly likable member of the Jeffersonian team could have been the culprit thanks to a reveal later in the episode:

zack addy is back bones

(He was also formerly more adorable, as he now sports a huge scar on his face.)

Zack Addy has had a pretty intense trajectory on Bones. In fact, his loss was so soundly felt that the Jeffersonian has always relied on a storm of squinterns---instead of just one---in his wake. He was one of the most valuable members of the team early on in the series, but eventually that changed when Brennan and the rest of the gang figured out he was assisting the serial killer Gormogon. Later in the series, Addy even spoke with Sweets---may he rest in peace---admitting that he had never actually done the deed in terms of murdering someone, making his sordid past seem a little less, well, sordid. But when he popped up and acted super creepy in front of Bones toward the end of this episode, I was having a whole lot of trouble mustering any sort of sympathy for the character.

Bones has already been renewed for a 12th and final season on Fox. The show isn't coming back until midseason, but Eric Millegan has confirmed that the team plans to have him back during the final season. He told TV Line:

The next episode I'm shooting [the Season 12 premiere], Emily Deschanel is directing. She texted me a few days ago and said, 'You've got some great stuff. I'm looking forward to working with you. You'll get a script next week.' I have no idea what's going to happen at all.

So, expect there to be some resolution for this big twist before the series finally and officially wraps up on the network. For now, you can check out what TV shows will be back this fall with our TV premiere schedule.

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