New Game Of Thrones Theory May Have Figured Out Who Saves Jorah

Game of Thrones Season 6 finally had its explosive ending just a few short weeks ago, so now fans of the HBO megahit have settled into the next routine: theorizing and anticipating the new season for almost a year. And while we may be used to this lifestyle after six seasons, there is a major change now: Game of Thrones is actually ending fairly soon. With just two short(er) seasons ahead of us, we can expect the denizens of Game to finally get conclusions. And perhaps the character most in need of a happy ending if Jorah Mormont, who has a seriously insane case of Westerosi psoriasis aka Greyscale.

Season 6 saw Dany ordering Ser Jorah to leave her service in order to find a cure for the Greyscale he contracted bringing Tyrion to her in Season 5. While Shireen is the only known character to have survived her ordeal with the disease, one redditor believes they have found his savior. Namely Quaithe, the mysterious masked woman from way back in Season 2. Remember her?

quaithe game of thrones

Quaithe is a super mysterious character who only appeared in two episodes back in Season 2. Always masked, she is from a similar background to Melisandre as she seems to have some magical abilities and is from the mythical Essos city of Asshai. During her short tenure, Quaithe interacted quite a few times with Jorah Mormont, revealing to him that the scary magical dude Pyat Pree totally wanted Dany's young dragons. And we all know how that turned out.

But perhaps more significant than Quaithe's assistance in that chaos is what she was doing while having the conversation with Jorah. As she spoke with the Old Bear, Quaithe was seen painting a mystical symbol on a man's back. That symbol was some sort of enchantment aimed to help the dude pass through Old Valyria AKA the place where Jorah interacted with the stone men and got sick. She seems to know how dangerous that area is, claiming that all men need protection to pass through there. Additionally, when Jorah first interacted with Quaithe, she seemed to already know who he was. And her mask very closely resembles the necklace that gave Melisandre the ultimate face lift.

Check out this mysterious character's big scene below.

Of course, this theory may very well end up to be bollocks. Ser Jorah certainly messed up quite a few times, and may simply be atoning for his sins through his greyscale. But Quaithe is one of the most mysterious and unexplained characters Game of Thrones has ever seen, so it would certainly be satisfying for longterm fans to watch her return. Dany is already sailing to Westeros and Jorah isn't too far from Qarth, so it would make sense. Who else would Jorah possibly interact with? New characters? Ain't nobody got time for that.

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