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Aaron Rodgers Finally Discussed His Brother Being On The Bachelorette

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There's been a lot of talk about this summer's Bachelorette competitor Jordan Rodgers, and it's not simply because the Season 12 contestant has done really well during his time on the show. It's also because the former college and briefly pro football player has a very famous older sibling: none other than Aaron Rodgers. So far during the Bachelorette's run, Aaron Rodgers has stayed pretty silent regarding his brothers' life choices. However, in a recent interview, he at least addressed what was going on. Here's what he had to say:

As far as those kinds of things go, I've always found that it's a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I'm just --- I'm not going to speak on those things, but I wish him well in the competition.

So, I wish he had given a more definitive opinion about how he feels, but it may be hard to know since the Green Bay Packers quarterback isn't actually watching the ABC competition series, according to comments he told WISN 12. The good news? At least he's wishing his brother well in the competition, which is more than we would expect, given that Jordan only recently admitted on the air that his relationship with his brother was strained. Others have spoken out about how Aaron's relationship with his family as a whole is rather thin. While a lot of this is hearsay, it's certainly true that Jordan admitted just a couple of weeks ago to JoJo Fletcher that while his relationship with his family is great, his relationship with his brother is not the best. This is probably why Aaron Rodgers hasn't caught the series that is helping his brother to maybe find love and almost certainly revitalizing his career.

In fact, Jordan Rodgers has gained more notice in the spotlight thanks to his tenure on ABC's The Bachelorette. A few weeks ago we learned that Jordan Rodgers signed on with the SEC Network to do some coverage for the channel. And if he ends up winning over JoJo Fletcher during Season 12, his reality TV fame will live on for a while---probably far longer than Chad's fame. Reality couples don't often make it over the long haul, but when they do, the general public is often fascinated by them.

We'll have to wait and see what happens on ABC's long-running series. In the meantime, you can catch new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC. In addition, if you want to catch Aaron Rodgers in action, tune in to various football programs on various networks this fall. Here's what else is premiering coming up.

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