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Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Heading To TV, Get The Details

catherine zeta-jones

An actress known for kicking ass, taking names, and looking beautiful as all hell while doing so, Catherine Zeta-Jones has spent the majority of her career on the big screen, and it's been two decades since her last scripted TV role. But that's all changing in the best way possible, as the Oscar-winning actress will be headed back to episodic television for one of the most intriguing projects making its way to TV. She is the latest to join the spectacular cast of Ryan Murphy's latest anthology drama Feud.

Feud's first season is going to center on a the psychological warfare that went on during the production of the classic Hollywood film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, which should make for some of the most intensely fierce drama on TV. (Fierce with a capital slap across the face.) Catherine Zeta-Jones will enter the personality-clashing series as Golden Age starlet Olivia de Havilland, as revealed by Ryan Murphy himself on Twitter.

The cast of Feud already contains some wildly talented people, as we'll see Ryan Murphy regular Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon going toe to toe as leading ladies Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, respectively. Crawford and Davis were about as friendly as fire and flesh, and the production and promotional campaign for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? has become the stuff of legend, and it has played a big part in keeping Robert Aldrich's film in the upper echelon. The film also inspired its own odd subgenre of movies, and the central feud is basically the prototype for every Dynasty clip you remember, as well as how drama works on reality shows like Real Housewives.

hush hush sweet charlotte de havilland

Olivia Dehavilland, seen above in Aldrich's Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte is also an Oscar winner, winning two times for Lead Actress in To Each His Own and The Heiress. And at 100 years old, she's also still very much alive. I wonder if she'll be able to offer Zeta-Jones any key information about how to get to the real Olivia, who was one of Bette Davis' closest friends. That should clue everyone in on which way Zeta-Jones will fall when the show airs.

Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn't been too busy on any-sized screens recently, despite having such prominence in past years. Her last major feature role was for the sequel Red 2 in 2013, though she was also in the British war comedy Dad's Army earlier this year. It was announced that she would take on the role of female drug kingpin Griselda Blanco for the biopic The Godmother, but it was announced recently that Jennifer Lopez would be taking a Blanco project to HBO. So who knows? Her last TV gig was, outside of an appearance as the Tooth Fairy on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, was the 1996 miniseries _Titanic. _

We're definitely down with seeing Zeta-Jones get back into TV, especially if it's with Ryan Murphy steering the ship. Hopefully their connection is one to last the ages, so that we can see her popping up in his other shows like American Horror Story and American Crime Story. For now, though, Feud sounds like a fantastic new project for her, and we certainly hope that it'll go into production soon so that we can see it as soon in 2017 as possible.

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