What Michael Weatherly Already Misses About NCIS

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The Season 13 finale of CBS' NCIS saw the end of an era as Michael Weatherly left behind the role of Tony DiNozzo after more than a decade in his shoes. Weatherly is keeping busy in the aftermath with his new show Bull, but as it turns out, he already misses one of the major aspects of his character on NCIS. Michael Weatherly had this to say about how he feels now after leaving NCIS behind:

I am going to miss his irrepressive sense of humor and what I won't miss is wearing that gun. That was uncomfortable!

Michael Weatherly shared his thoughts about life after Tony DiNozzo in a chat with Access Hollywood, and it makes sense that he'd miss Tony DiNozzo's sense of humor. Even if NCIS was never exactly a comedy, DiNozzo could always be counted on to crack a few jokes and lighten up some of the show's heavier material. After thirteen years playing a character with such a distinctive humor role in a series, it's no wonder that Weatherly might be in a little bit of DiNozzo withdrawal as he moves forward with a new role. At least he doesn't have to deal with missing everything about NCIS. After thirteen years of carrying a fake gun, I can't blame the guy for enjoying a role that doesn't require a holster.

He will still be spending plenty of time in a suit, however. Michael Weatherly's new show Bull doesn't look like it will have him in casual clothes too often. He'll play Dr. Jason Bull, who is the founder of a successful trial consulting firm that specializes in evaluating jurors and figuring out how they'll vote before they even know themselves. Bull will be a brilliant psychologist who uses a combination of mock trials, simulations, mirror juries, and a matrix to determine likely jury outcomes to help his clients shape the outcome.

If the premise sounds a bit far-fetched and the character a bit of a stretch for Michael Weatherly after so much time spent playing DiNozzo, we can rest easier knowing who else is on board for Bull. Dr. Phil McGraw - whose time as a trial consultant actually inspired Bull - is working behind the scenes on the show. If Weatherly ever struggles with Jason Bull, he won't have to look far for insight.

Personally, I'm optimistic about Michael Weatherly in Bull. The trailer promises that Bull won't be just another legal procedural, and it looks like Dr. Bull will have his own sense of humor. We won't be getting any more of DiNozzo's humor that Weatherly so loved to play, but he should deliver some laughs all the same. Who knows? Maybe Bull will be enough of a showcase for what Weatherly does best that NCIS fans will tune in and maybe not miss DiNozzo so much as he gets replaced by Wilmer Valderrama starting in Season 14. After all, Bull will air directly after NCIS on Tuesday nights.

You can catch the series premiere of Bull to see Michael Weatherly back in action on September 20 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what else you'll be able to watch in the near future.

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