A Good Wife Actress Is Joining Michael Weatherly's Bull

CBS really likes to keep it in the family. That's been clear ever since the Eye Network locked down Michael Weatherly for Bull just as he was deciding to leave NCIS. The new drama is full-steam ahead at this point, and this week we learned another network regular is hopping from a CBS show to Bull. In fact, The Good Wife's Sarah Steele is expected to pop up in Bull's first season. If the actress' name doesn't ring a bell, Good Wife fans probably know her as Eli's daughter, Marissa Gold.

Sarah Steele is only signed on for one episode of Bull, so it's just going to be a guest stint, but I still like the idea of signing on two fan-favorites from CBS shows for a new CBS series. Steele's character will appear in Episode 4, according to TV Line, and she'll be involved with a plot related to a case of potentially overambitious journalism. Sarah Steele will play a podcast host named Ellen, who creates her own podcast called "Open and Shut." The podcast is like the wildly popular Serial podcast that exists in real life. Unfortunately, what Ellen will covering on "Open and Shut" will get her involved with a lawsuit that Dr. Jason Bull and his team are also working on. Bull's client will be affected by Ellen's podcast, and it doesn't seem as if it will be in a good way...

marissa gold bull

Although she popped up in an episode or two early on in The Good Wife's run, Sarah Steele became a prominent character much later on The Good Wife, making a big mark during the last couple of seasons on the show. She played a quirky, blunt character that fans liked because she often told Alicia Florrick things Alicia really didn't want to hear. Unfortunately, now the CBS drama has ended, Steele is out of a long-term role. Still, she's a fun actress that could fill a lot of different roles, and while she won't be on Bull longterm, we do hope that CBS or another network will manage to snap her up in the months to come.

As for Bull, we already know the series will follow members of a trial consulting firm who use plenty of psychological tactics to get results. The whole thing looks pretty fun and flashy and is still close enough to the case of the week format that it shouldn't turn NCIS viewers off. You can check out the trailer below.

Bull is expected to air on Tuesday nights, along with NCIS: New Orleans this fall. The new series will hit the schedule on Tuesday, September 20 and Sarah Steele's stint will come up just a few short weeks after. You can find out when the rest of your fall favorites are hitting the schedule with our fall TV premiere guide.

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