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Avid TV viewers are in a pretty lucky position nowadays. With so much quality programming spanning network, cable, streaming, and premium services, there's basically always something new to binge watch. But with such a variety of networks producing good work, it's becoming difficult for network shows to hit big and have long runs. But ABC's Grey's Anatomy seems to be the exception to the rule, as the medical drama is going strong and about to air the premiere of its 13th season. And with so many juicy moments happening through the show's long run, fans have to ask: what's next?

Luckily for us, The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with Grey's Anatomy cast member Caterina Scorsone, who plays Meredith's sister-in-law Amelia Shepard. During this conversation she revealed when exactly the season premiere would be picking up:

Immediately on the tail of Amelia and Owen's wedding, there's a big explosive drama that's happening right away. On Grey's Anatomy it could be a literal explosion, but in this case, it's emotionally explosive. It's going to be a key story this year that a lot of people are going to be interested in.

This sounds pretty awesome. With so many cliffhangers presented during the season finale, it's exciting that we'll be able to begin this season where we left off. Grey's fans love drama, and they'll surely be expecting something good at the start of Season 13. Let's scrub in and break down what we might be seeing.

We'd previously learned that Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy will have a heavy focus on the original cast members. Those OG surgeons would be Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Alex (Justin Chambers), and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), and it's safe to assume that the explosive drama will be about at least one of them.

The drama I'm most excited to see played out is Meredith's budding relationship with Riggs, and the ramifications which will ripple through the cast. Last season was largely focused on Meredith adjusting to life without McDreamy. While she realized she was perhaps not ready to date, she did get her groove back and dance the horizontal mambo with Owen's frenemy. Unfortunately, Meredith's half sister Maggie has the hots for Riggs, making the whole situation a powder keg just waiting for a spark. This seems like perhaps the most obvious choice for an emotionally explosive situation.

The other plot which seems likely to be explosive is Karev's constantly problematic relationship with Jo. Season 12's finale episode saw Alex returning to their home to find Jo in a compromising looking situation with DeLuca. And in typical Alex fashion, he decided to punch first and ask questions later. It should be interesting to see how this affects their relationship, as well as the work environment at Grey Sloan Memorial. My hope is, if the explosive situation is referring to Alex, that he and Jo finally break up. Those two always have a problem and Jo is just plain unlikeable. Time to move on.

Which plot are you the most exciting to see fleshed out on Grey's Anatomy? Sound off in the comments below

Grey's Anatomy will return to ABC on September 22nd.

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