Gotham: What The Mad Hatter Is All About, According To The Actor

Gotham Mad Hatter

By now you've probably figured out that Gotham doesn't mess around when it comes to Batman's villains. The show has consistently done brave and bold things with the mythos of The Dark Knight since it first premiered in 2014, and it's shown no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, Season 3 may become the series' biggest season yet, with The Walking Dead's Benedict Samuel joining the fray as iconic Lewis Carroll-themed Batman big bad, Jervis Tetch a.k.a The Mad Hatter. Samuel recently came out and explained the mentality and mission that drives Tetch on the coming season:

His purpose is to find his sister and I think he'll move hell and high earth to find her. There are so many pieces to him. There's a child in there and there's also a psychopath.

Benedict Samuel shed some light on the exact nature of Gotham's Mad Hatter to Zap2it during a recent set visit. He revealed that Jervis Tetch's mission during the third season of Gotham is to find his sister, Alice. However, Alice has apparently disappeared for a very, very good reason: she doesn't want her terrifying brother Jervis to find her. He strikes a balance between childlike immaturity and pure insanity that makes him a formidable and frightening villain.

Although Mad Hatter's not necessarily known for having a sister in most of his depictions, the general characterization of Jervis Tetch seems like a faithful adaptation nonetheless. In his most traditional form, Mad Hatter regularly oscillates between whimsical fantasy and complete derangement. He uses advanced technology (obviously inspired by Alice in Wonderland) to control his victims' minds and make them do his bidding; sometimes this control comes in the form of simple servitude, while other times he forces them to commit horrific acts of violence. We don't blame Alice for trying to disappear.

Benedict Samuel Gotham

When it comes to that act of portraying Mad Hatter, Benedict Samuel also revealed that he takes a very basic approach to the character. Although Gotham has become somewhat notorious for putting unique spins on each and every one of its Batman rogues, Samuel told Zap2it that he's not trying to reinvent the wheel with his portrayal of Mad Hatter. The character already has a long legacy that dates as far back as 1948, and Samuel wants to do everything within his power to honor that legacy, rather than put his own twist on a classic character. Given everything we know about Gotham, we appreciate his insistence on fidelity.

Cinema Blend will bring you any and all relevant details related to the upcoming season of Gotham as more information becomes available to us. The Batman prequel series will return for its third season on Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX. Until then, make sure to check out our comprehensive fall TV premiere schedule and fill out your calendars accordingly!

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