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Big Brother 18 Paul

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who won Head of Household, which juror returned, who's nominated, who won the Veto, and who won the final care package. We also have a pretty good idea of who's in the most danger of being evicted this week. If you don't want any of those details, read no further!

Power positions:

Returned juror - Victor

Head of Household - Nicole

Won the $5k bribe care package - Corey

Bribe used? - Not yet. He has until Thursday's Head of Household competition to use it.

Nominated - Paul and Michelle

Won the Veto - Nicole

Veto used? Not yet. The ceremony is expected to happen on Monday.

Will the Veto be used? Not likely.

Who's the target? Right now, Nicole is still aiming to get Michelle out, and all signs point toward that happening. But the week is young.

As we recapped on Friday, Nicole's trying to get Michelle out. Her reasoning for putting Paul up was only to keep James, Natalie and Michelle in the dark about Nicorey working with your boy and your boy (Paul and Victor) until the Veto competition was played.

From the sound of it, the Veto competition was the annual stay-or-fold competition. Based on conversation that happened, it sounds like Corey made some kind of intentional play that cost him the Veto, but ensured Nicole was still in. Nicole won the Veto and she doesn't plan to use it.

Nicole and Corey have a lot of power right now, as Nicole not only has Head of Household and the Veto, she also has the tie-breaking vote this week. As of right now, Nicole does not plan to use the Veto, which means Paul and Michelle will stay on the block. Based on how things are right now, here's how the votes could shake out on Thursday:

Victor - votes to evict Michelle.

James - votes to evict Paul.

Natalie - votes to evict Paul.

Corey - votes to evict Michelle.

That's 2:2 - Nicole breaks the tie and Michelle goes home.

The above scenario assumes three things. The first is that Nicole doesn't use the Veto. Right now, she's not planning to. The second assumption is that Nicole and Corey don't switch up their plan to get Michelle out between now and Thursday. If they decide they'd rather Paul go, all Corey has to do is vote to evict him, along with James and Natalie. That's three votes and Paul is gone, no tie-breaker necessary.

The other assumption is that Natalie and James don't decide to "vote with the house" and send Michelle out unanimously. I'm not sure I see the point in them doing that, at this point, as people know where the lines are drawn. But they might see the benefit in pulling Victor and Paul aside and saying hey, Nicole can't play in HoH on Thursday. That means as long as Corey doesn't win it, we (James/Natalie, Victor/Paul) can join forces to send one of those two out next week. It wouldn't be the worst plan, assuming someone thinks of it.. And let's face it, would it be a surprise if Paul and Victor went along with it? It's exactly the kind of game they're playing.

Big Brother 18 Michelle

So we'll have to wait and see what's discussed. It's also not out of the realm of possibility that things will turn around for Michelle. But as things are right now, it's not looking good for her. She's the odd-woman-out in a house full of duos. She'll need to do some serious social gaming to get herself out of this mess, and all signs point to her throwing in the towel. Like last time around, it may take other people to save her, and I'm not sure there are enough houseguests left for it to happen.

Meanwhile, Corey has the $5k bribe, and while I still have reservations about whether or not that twist will actually amount to anything interesting, it sounds like he'll be able to use it through the next Head of Household. And because the bribe deal is binding, it could actually make a difference in the game, assuming he uses it in an interesting way. His best bet might be trying to bribe someone to throw the Head of Household competition.

In the meantime, I really hope that nothing happens that results in Paul leaving this week. He (and his conversations with Victor) has proven to be the most entertaining thing about the live feeds this summer. He talks constantly, and whether it's game or personal, it's usually interesting. I'm also pretty sure he clocks the least amount of time laying around in bed, though he might be tied with Victor on that one.

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