Ice Road Truckers' Darrell Ward Is Dead At 52

darrell ward

The History Channel has a few shows that are known for featuring people involved with occupations that can be hazardous. During his time on Ice Road Truckers, Darrell Ward won fans over as he braved the terrain and showed fearlessness while transporting goods over sometimes unforgiving ice. While returning from The Great American Truck Show via a Cessna airplane, the reality TV star unfortunately ended up in a plane crash. Ward and his co-pilot didn't make it. He was 52-years-old at the time of his death.

In a twist of fate, Darrell Ward was heading to Missoula, Montana from Dallas, Texas to film a reality series about plane wrecks when the accident occurred. Someone associated with the TV star posted facts about his death on his official Facebook page, noting that Darrell Ward was an adrenaline junkie who loved any activity with a hint of danger. Ward's latest series would have featured him looking into plane wrecks, but he and his co-pilot's lives were cut short when the plane crashed while heading into Rock Creek Airport.

The Daily Mail reports the plane actually crash landed onto Interstate 90 and caught fire, and even has graphic images of the incident. Because of these, we know the plane caught fire and the wreckage is in fiery ruins. Currently, the Missoula County Sheriff's Department is looking into the cause of the plane crash, but people on the scene said the plane stalled at one point and the pilot allegedly lost control.

Darrell Ward has expanded his projects in recent years, but he rose to prominence on History's Ice Road Truckers. He was a lead on that series from Season 6 onward. Darrell Ward had already shot Season 10 of Ice Road Truckers at the time of his death, and the network was widely expected to renew the series for an additional season. Ward also occasionally volunteered to fight fires and even worked as the Grand Marshall for the Truck Convoy to the special Olympics in Nova Scotia. He also recently helped out Louisiana flood victims. By all accounts, he did a lot for a lot of different communities.

The History Channel has yet to make a statement about the accident. Season 10 of Ice Road Truckers began premiering on the network at the beginning of the month, but there's no word on whether or not the remainder of the episodes will continue to be released. For now, our hearts go out to the Ice Road Truckers family, and Darrell Ward's family and friends.

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