Summer has come to a close, which means that many of you younger readers will soon find yourselves headed back to that dreaded place: school. Whether you're still a kid, or an adult looking back, I think we can all agree that few experiences can compare to the moment of walking into a new classroom to get a feel for the type of teacher one has to endure for an entire year. In the eyes of a kid, it's a truly tense experience. And TV characters have to go through this experience as well.

We've compiled a list of the 7 worst schoolteachers in the history of television. Some made this list for being wholly unqualified, others for being totally unhinged, and some have a terrifying mixture of both. Check out our entries and be grateful that you don't have to sit in any of these classes this year. Now let's get started with one of the most deadly schoolteachers to show up on the small screen...

Walter White - Breaking Bad

Make no mistake, Brian Cranston's Walter White never even really wanted to become a teacher; he had to when he sold his shares in Gray Matter Technologies prematurely and missed out on billions of dollars. Throughout Breaking Bad's run, he constantly exuded a feeling of bitterness and pessimism towards his chosen profession, and never seemed to enjoy education as much as he enjoyed science itself. Sure, he may have taught Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman some great chemistry lessons during their relationship, but by the end of the series Mr. Pinkman probably would've been better off remaining a stoned slacker/small-time meth dealer that we met in the pilot. We give him an F in the teaching category, but an A+ in meth class.

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