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Olympic medalist and now-noted trouble-maker, swimmer Ryan Lochte has admitted to being a bit of a playboy when it comes to matters of the heart. Well, it looks like he might already have some designs on his new Dancing with the Stars partner, Cheryl Burke. Check out the evidence.

Wow, Ryan. Way to keep it classy on national television, dude. Really, could he be any more obvious? This clip comes courtesy of Good Morning America during the show's announcement today of the Dancing with the Stars Season 23 cast. Ryan Lochte was in attendance, along with fellow Olympic medalist and Season 23 cast member Laurie Hernandez, to witness the announcement and meet their pro partners for the upcoming season. After all the other cast members were revealed, Hernandez met her partner, dancing pro Val Chmerkovskiy, and then it was time for Lochte to see who he was dancing with, and, boy, was he ever happy about it.

Now, to be fair, all the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars are gorgeous ladies, and Ryan Lochte, being the type of guy he is, probably would have responded this way to absolutely any of the professionals he could have been presented with. But, you know, Cheryl Burke drew the Lochte straw, so she's the one who'll have to deal with getting the eyeball from him all during Season 23.

On one hand, for us, this will likely be a good thing. A little attraction between dancing partners never hurt the outcome of a good waltz, jitterbug or samba. As long as Lochte works as hard on DWTS as he does on setting the pace in the pool, we'll be treated to some hot dancing, for sure. And yet, from the looks of Lochte, Cheryl Burke is going to have to put up with a lot during this coming season. If he can't control his obvious immediate attraction upon just meeting the woman on live TV, what's he going to be like when they're alone in a rehearsal room and forced to get all handsy with each other for the sake of trying to win that mirrorball trophy?

I'm already imagining a daily scenario where the flirting starts off as soon as they hit the rehearsal floor. Ryan Lochte will throw those dimples at Cheryl Burke and give her a big hug, and she'll be charmed. They'll start to slowly converse and Lochte will begin to drop hints at how he likes to party and have fun. Then, after a heavy dance session where they finally get some steamy dance just right, he'll reveal his personal philosophy, where he believes that "if you're a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning." Burke's look of recognition will dwindle to confusion and she'll go "Huh?" and Lochte will have lost any chance at dating her forever.

Well, Ryan Lochte, good luck with Dancing with the Stars this season; I'm sure you'd love to add that mirrorball trophy to your list of accomplishments. And, Cheryl Burke, good luck with Ryan Lochte; I think you're going to need it.

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