How The Big Bang Theory Could Reference Mayim Bialik's '90s Sitcom Blossom

When The Big Bang Theory signed actress Mayim Bialik on as Amy Farrah Fowler, the show brought a true '90s icon among their ranks. Now there's a possibility the show could pay homage to her sitcom Blossom in the best way possible.

In response to a fan question about whether or not we'd ever get to see Mayim Bialik perform the famous (to kids of the 1990s) dance that accompanied the opening theme song to Blossom, executive producer Steve Molaro told TV Line:

I'm ashamed to say I'm not up on my Blossom enough to even know that there is a Blossom dance. But the next time I see Mayim, I'm going to personally ask to see it and then we'll go from there.

Woah, woah...WOAH. Are you really trying to tell me that a major television producer doesn't know what the Blossom dance is? What was he doing during the '90s? Did he spend the better part of the decade in a bunker with no TV? Does he have amnesia? Was the man just born? Wait...what do you mean you don't know the Blossom dance, either? OK, fine, take a look at the adorable '90s teen dance that Mayim Bialik did for the opening credits of the show. But, be warned, you will not be able to get the dance, or the theme song, out of your head.

See? Isn't the Blossom dance just one of the best, most fun things you've ever seen? Also, isn't it one of the most '90s things ever, in the history of the world? Yeah, you bet it is, and Blossom fans everywhere loved it and will remember it for most of their days. The show aired from 1990 through 1995, and focused on smart, quirky schoolgirl Blossom Russo, who lived with her divorced dad and two older brothers.

Now, Steve Molaro is probably not serious (I hope) about not knowing about Mayim Bialik's dance, and he's also probably not serious about finding a way to work it into The Big Bang Theory, but the show could totally do it. Sure, Amy Farrah Fowler isn't exactly the kind of person to bust out into a happy dance, but she's got depths that we've witnessed, especially when Sheldon gives her something she wants. Can't you see Amy breaking out some awesome dance moves whenever Sheldon finally proposes marriage to her? I know I can.

Well, I think that if The Big Bang Theory doesn't find a way to, eventually, fit some part of that Blossom dance into the show they will be missing a great opportunity. You can check out Season 10 of the show when it debuts on September 19.

Adrienne Jones
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