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Former One Direction Member Zayn Malik Is Heading To TV, Get The Details

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Formerly one-fifth of one of the planet's most popular musical acts, Zayn Malik definitely hasn't spent much time looking back on his years in One Direction, as his solo career has exploded and shows no signs of winding down. In fact, Malik is branching his resume out to include scripted television, as he is partnering up with Law & Order creator and all-around mega-producer Dick Wolf for the NBC drama Boys. And if you assumed it would be about a boy band - and not the clothing store section - you would be correct.

Boys will, perhaps predictably, kick off with the formation of a boy band and all the complications that involves. Said band becomes an international phenomenon, and the show will focus on not only the joy and excitement that comes from global fame and fortune, but also the challenges that start to develop. I assume there will be an enormous budget just to pay for the screaming girl extras to stand outside of every single building the musical gents are entering and exiting.

While Zayn Malik will no doubt provide a wealth of information about the ins and outs of this ultra-rare lifestyle, his role at this point is as executive producer. (Nothing was noted by Deadline about him taking on any on-screen roles, but he can't possibly go without, right?) Boys was brought to NBC by Noelle Wolf (Dick's wife) and was written by Beauty and the Beast co-creators Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin. Both also worked together on Unforgettable and Brothers and Sisters.

With Universal TV and Wolf Entertainment behind it - as well as Unigram and First Access Entertainment - Boys is a concept that sees like it should have happened 20 years ago, with this project being the updated reboot, but somehow boy bands have largely remained untapped for network dramas. But the music game is all the rage these days, with shows like Nashville, Empire, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and more making big waves in pop culture in recent years.

Which isn't to say that boy bands haven't popped up in other ways. One Direction in particular was the focus of the successful 2013 concert flick One Direction: This is Us, and they also inspired some crazy fanfiction that may become a feature. As well, members of N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys starred in the bizarre horror-western TV movie Dead 7 earlier this year, and New Kids on the Block will appear in Fuller House Season 2.

Dick Wolf has been behind some of NBC's most successful series over the years, from both Law & Order and its many spinoffs, as well as all of the Chicago shows currently airing. His shows have a way of sticking around, and we are pretty faithful that NBC will be just as good to this show, assuming there are no problems. In the meantime, check out everything that's definitely coming to NBC and everywhere else with our fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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