Fuller House Is Bringing A Hugely Popular Boy Band To Season 2

Anybody who spent way too much of their lives paying attention to the fads and foibles of the Tanner family on Full House knows that these are people who have a "special" relationship with music. From Jesse's legitimate rock star vibe to Danny's tragically unhip rock star vibe, tunes have been there since the beginning. And that hasn't changed much for Netflix's Fuller House, which will bring one of the most successful music acts of the last 30 years: the O.G. boy band New Kids on the Block.

Before starting this paragraph, I tried to think about any other musically gifted entertainers that would be more pitch-perfect for Fuller House than New Kids on the Block, and then I'd realized I'd just spent the last two hours typing "You got the right stuff, baby," over and over again on a typewriter. To be expected, the quintet won't be donning costumes to portray D.J.'s neighbors or anything, as they'll definitely be playing themselves for the appearance.

We'll presumably get to catch up with Jordan, Joey, Donnie, Danny and Jonathan - or JDJDJ if you want to be like the tattoo that I swear I don't have on the back of my neck - during an episode for which Kimmy and Stephanie apparently try to get the New Kids involved with a birthday celebration for D.J., who still holds them up as her favorite boy band. According to TV Guide, this will be a plan put into place after their first attempt to honor D.J.'s big day were ruined. If I had a dollar for every time my sister and/or best friend tried something that grand after screwing something up, I wouldn't have enough to buy a New Kids cassette single.

You know who we're not going to see in Season 2? Michelle Tanner, that's who. But expectations for that had presumably subsided, so we can make room for the erratic feeling that comes with knowing we'll get to meet the wife and kiddos of one Joey Gladstone. Netflix could charge me double my subscription price the month Fuller House comes out if we get to hear Dave Coulier and Joey McIntyre singing "Please Don't Go Girl" together.

Since it would be a low down and dirty shame to leave this story without first hearing New Kids on The Block light up those vocal pipes, here's a performance from one of their reunions a few years back.

Sure, a Full House fan is going to think about the Beach Boys or Elvis Presley when it comes to the music that flagship sitcom concerned itself with. But it's a whole new generation now that's looking back on music that was popular during a previous generation, and New Kids on the Block represents the perfect smashing of timelines.

Fuller House isn't set to hang tough again on Netflix until...some unknown point in the future, but probably in the early months of 2017. For everything else coming to the streaming service, check out our Netflix premiere schedule, and then head to our fall TV schedule to see all the shows coming in the next few months.

Nick Venable
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