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We all know that HBO's Game of Thrones is pretty much the biggest show on television right now. Aside from it's insanely loyal viewership and production spanning multiple countries, the fantasy series also consistently racks up an insane amount of Emmy nominations and wins every year. Last night was the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which feature some of the less flashy categories for the year that aren't shown at the regularly televised Primetime Emmy Awards. But just like the more talked about ceremony, Game of Thrones cleaned house by winning a remarkable nine Emmy Awards including costume, makeup, and casting for its categories. But even more noteworthy than their nine wins, is the fact that Game of Thrones is now officially the most awarded TV drama in Emmy history.

The good folks over at io9 have done the math, and as of last night Game of Thrones has beaten the previous Emmy Winning record of 26 with an impressive 35 wins. The record has previously been held by both The West Wing and Hill Street Blues, which are now tied for second place.

game of thrones emmy awards

After nabbing nine awards last night, Game of Thrones now has 35 awards under its belt and the series is poised to similarly drop the mic during Emmy Awards on September 18th. And with two more season of the massively awarded fantasy series still on their way, HBO's pride and joy will likely continuing to break its own record for the next two years.

The Emmy Awards won last night by HBO's Game of Thrones are as follows:

Full Game of Thrones Award List, 2016 Creative Arts Emmys:

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series

*Outstanding Special Visual Effects: *"Battle of the Bastards"

Outstanding Production Design: "Blood of My Blood", "The Broken Man," "No One"

Outstanding Stunt Coordination: Rowley Irlam, Stunt coordinator

Outstanding Sound Mixing: "Battle of the Bastards"

Outstanding Makeup (Non-Prosthetic) for a Single Camera Series: "Battle of the Bastards"

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special:"The Door"

Outstanding Costumes for a Period/Fantasy Series, Limited Series or Movie:"The Winds of Winter"

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series: "Battle of the Bastards"

As you can tell, many of Game of Thrones' wins came from it's explosive season finale "The Winds of Winter". Completely surprising and thrilling their fans, Game gave us pure chaos in the finale, rather than just the expected ninth episode craziness. An insane 11 named character deaths happened, and we were all left in shock by the triumphant final moments of the episode. Clearly the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences were similarly impressed, and we should expect a similar landslide victory a week from today.

What did you think of Game of Thrones' sixth season? Does it deserve to be cleaning up at the Emmys this year? Sound off in the comments section below.

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