Mad TV’s Spoof On The Walking Dead Is Spot On And Hilarious, Watch It Now

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Even the most popular and best rated television shows are not without their flaws. Even if the series as a whole is strong, some flops are bound to happen, and AMC's apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead is no exception. Millions of people tune in every Sunday to watch Rick Grimes' adventures in the zombie apocalypse, but certain episodes are more successful than others. Perhaps the biggest beef in TWD history came from last season's chilling finale "Last Day on Earth", where Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villainous Negan killed a mystery character from the main cast. Fans of the series have been fairly pissed about this turn of events since the finale aired in April, and we've waited months to finally find out who bit the dust. Now Mad TV is taking shots at this controversial finale.

Mad TV has been rebooted on The CW, and they set their target on The Walking Dead during a recent episode. Their problem with TWD seems to be the same as ours- we've waited too damn long to find out who Negan killed.

Shots. Fired. Can I just say it's nice to have Mad TV back? The series always had the courage to go for jokes SNL wouldn't, and the fact that we haven't gotten a true Walking Dead spoof until now just speaks to why we need more than one sketch comedy show on the air at the same time.

The above segment brings us right back to the final moments of "Last Day on Earth", where Negan has most of our main heroes on their knees and awaiting execution. Mad TV brilliantly recreates all of our favorite characters. We were shown a poor man's version of Rick, Carl, Rosita, Michonne, Eugene, Daryl, Abraham, and Glenn. Then there's our buddy Negan, complete with Lucille and that random trailer he was hanging out in during the finale.

From the jump, we can tell that both the audience and even Negan's potential victims are dying to know who he's going to kill. Throughout the spoof we see Negan seemingly bring Lucille down on the head of a hero, but they all end up being false alarms. Negan beats the crap out of a particularly large spider, and the antics only get more ridiculous as the video goes on. Perhaps my favorite was when Negan decided to bust open a pinata that The Saviors had been holding for a special occasion. Who likes tootsie rolls? Nobody, Negan. Literally no one.

But the best part of the Walking Dead spoof is definitely our survivors talking amongst themselves about who should meet Lucille. Rick Grimes decided to say what everyone's been thinking for years- Carl has got to go. Rick and Lori's son has been pretty unlikeable since his first appearance, and things have only gotten slightly better throughout the years. Mad TV even spoofs Rick's accent and penchant for calling his son's name "Coral", which made me actually laugh out loud.

The wait to find out Negan's victim is just a few weeks away, as The Walking Dead is set to return to AMC on October 23rd. Until then, we have Fear The Walking Dead and this Mad TV spoof to hold us over.

Corey Chichizola
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