Looks Like Another Big Walking Dead Hook-Up Is Coming

Potential Walking Dead spoilers are below.

Ever since the core group of survivors on The Walking Dead made it to Alexandria, viewers have seen several character couplings popping up, with some being far more successful than others. Well, now that the group has found a new location, it looks like we’re getting yet another new romance for viewers to ooh and ahh over. But who will it be?

Everybody probably has the most obvious example on the tip of their tongue, as last Sunday’s episode saw Abraham’s mind wandering away from his present lover Rosita and onto his patrol buddy Sasha, with whom he’d spent most of the time-flipping first half of Season 6. Not only was he thinking about Sasha the whole time, even when Rosita was around, but he also lost that necklace, which will almost certainly come up pretty soon. So there’s a good chance we might be seeing the end of Abrasita (or Robraham, if you will), with a new love blooming between Abraham and Sasha.

But wait, what if it isn’t that obvious? What if Abraham isn’t a part of this upcoming couple at all? Sure, he and Rosita will probably still part ways soon, but comic fans know that another romantic pair was born of that break-up: Rosita and Eugene. (Yes, that Eugene.) We know that the mullet-donning shit-talker has been keen on Rosita, given his voyeuristic ways in the past, and even though actor Josh McDermitt has stated a love interest for Eugene could take away from the gravity of the show, this is a far more organic way of going about it than introducing a brand new character for him to crush on.

This relationship reveal was dropped by TVLine with absolutely no details beyond “new couple” and “very near future,” so while the above options are the most likely storylines, there’s always a chance love could bloom between completely different characters. We saw fan wishes get answered a couple of weeks back when Rick and Michonne banged, so what if we get another long-awaited hook-up like one between Daryl and Carol? (Really not likely, but still.) Or maybe it’ll be between gay characters, say if Denise and Tara aren’t really vibing anymore. Or maybe we’ll see something from the younger generation, should Carl and Enid decide to exchange post-apocalyptic promise rings.

We’re weeks past The Walking Dead’s Valentine’s Day premiere, but it sounds like the lovers’ holiday is still the norm on the show. Find out who’s sleeping in whose beds when the next episode airs on Sunday night on AMC.

Nick Venable
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