Watch Matt Damon Make Fun Of Jimmy Kimmel For Losing At The Emmys

The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards were set to be big night for Jimmy Kimmel. He landed the role of master of ceremonies and scored an Outstanding Variety Series nomination for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Unfortunately for Kimmel, his show lost out to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for the top prize. It was fortunate for Matt Damon, though, as he got a brand new reason to make fun of his TV nemesis. Check out Matt Damon's gleeful mockery of Jimmy Kimmel at the 68th Emmys!

The ongoing Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon feud has been one of the longest-running and most hilarious faux-disputes in showbiz. What started as a running joke from Kimmel about bumping Damon from his show has evolved into an elaborate series of pranks and sabotages. It's as funny as it is random that Kimmel and Damon have become so invested in their conflict. The feud undoubtedly never would have gotten any attention if it had stayed as a running gag on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Once Matt Damon recruited Kimmel's then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman for a music video to a song called "I'm Fucking Matt Damon," however, the gloves were off and the game was on.

It's only fitting that Matt Damon got the chance to make fun of Jimmy Kimmel at the 68th Emmys for losing his shot at the Outstanding Variety Series Emmy. After all, Matt Damon doesn't get nearly as many chances to publicly mock Jimmy Kimmel as Kimmel does to mock Damon. Most of the rounds of the feud happen on Kimmel's home turf on the set of Live. Matt Damon sometimes even has to rely on others to get him in the door to the show. He and best bud Ben Affleck surely love hanging out together, but it must have stung just a little bit for Damon that he needed to hide under his pal's coat for one of his latest appearances on Live. A small part of Matt Damon may not have yet forgiven Affleck for contributing to Kimmel's "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck" retaliatory music video. How 'bout them apples indeed!

We have to take the mini Emmys roast as a sign that the couples therapy between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon did not succeed in burying any hatchets for good. Kimmel may have lost the Emmy, but I'd say that viewers everywhere definitely won thanks to Damon seizing his chance to make fun of his nemesis yet again.

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