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Dancing with the Stars had a tumultuous week last week when a group of protestors stormed the stage after Ryan Lochte completed his first dance on the competition series. Following the crazy event that happened live on the air, ABC has put a plan into effect to make sure that what happened to Ryan Lochte and his dance partner Cheryl Burke doesn't happen again.

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Tonight's episode of Dancing With The Stars is going to be a different experience for those involved with the show. Reports indicate that the ABC series has added on a slew of security when the episode is being filmed. Reports indicate that it could take as much as an additional hour in order to actually get into the venue where Dancing with the Stars tapes. In addition, pat downs and the like are expected before people are allowed in the venue. The beefing up of the security situation happened earlier this week during rehearsals, as well. This might not stop people from hiding "anti-Ryan Lochte" t-shirts under their clothing, but it should hopefully keep situations from escalating during the upcoming episodes this season.

While this is speculation, an "insider" told Page Six that security handled the whole Ryan Lochte scare pretty badly. Not only were protestors able to come in and loudly boo the Olympic swimmer, two of them actually were able to access the stage on the series before being tackled by security guards. The two men were later arrested and the show went on.

Wild things have happened on reality TV programs over the years, but Dancing with the Stars has been pretty immune to any over-the-top drama in the past. While we've seen contestants getting injured and the like on the show before, we've never seen one have to deal with a scare that is similar to what Ryan Lochte and his dancing partner Cheryl Burke had to deal with. In fact, Cheryl Burke recently spoke out about the event, noting that the two of them are just trying to push forward to have a good week this week.

The protestors were seemingly upset about the even that occurred a few weeks ago. Ryan Lochte went out with some of his swimming buddies at the Rio Olympics and was allegedly robbed. The Rio authorities later looked into his story and found some holes in it. The controversy caused some people to complain when Ryan Lochte was announced as part of the Dancing with the Stars Season 23 cast, but ABC has already addressed the casting, saying they were committed to the singer. Ratings were way up during the first episode of Season 23.

New episodes of _Dancing with the Star_s air on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC. To find out when the rest of your favorites are returning, you can check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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