The Flash Is Probably Bringing A Popular Side Character Back For Season 3

Once a character leaves The Flash, it's pretty much assumed that his or her absence will only be a temporary one, as the CW drama has a penchant for welcoming familiar faces back into the fold. And while we know a handful of the folks we'll be reconnecting with, it sounds like plans are being made to get another one back, and it shockingly isn't one of 17 million villains. Barry's former love interest Patty Spivot may return to Central City for Season 3. Here's how actress Shantel VanSanten teased it.

There is a very strong possibility if everything works out.

Whatever this "everything" is that Shantel VanSanten spoke of with Monkeys Fighting Robots, I have to assume that it will indeed get worked out, since I can't imagine there is anything Greg Berlanti & Co. want that doesn't happen. (Case tangentially in point: Supergirl is now on The CW.) The issue here would almost have to come on the actress' end, perhaps over a scheduling problem if USA's Shooter ever gets to air its first season. Otherwise, I'm betting Patty will be back in Barry's life at just the right inopportune moment.

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Fans will recall that Patty Spivot's comic-to-TV transition came in Season 2, with Patty getting introduced as a police officer who made her career choice after her father was murdered by Mark Mardon. She and Barry hit it off, but she also found herself in the middle of all things metahuman-related, so even if their relationship wouldn't have been plagued by Barry's superhero secrets, she was still smart for getting the hell away from there.

When Patty moved away from Central City, she made Midway City her destination, and that's probably where she'll be returning from, unless she was also a hostage for the majority of her time there. Comic fans know that Midway City is one home of heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl. We probably won't get any kind of references about the time-spanning soulmates, considering they're no longer a major part of the DC TV world, but Patty's return would be an interesting way to let fans touch base with them in some form.

Of course, that's just assuming it's indeed the Earth-1 version of Patty that we're all familiar with. We might meet up with a completely different version, which happens all the time on this show. It just so happens Patty's Earth-2 double got mentioned in an episode, in which we found out the other-Patty indeed became a crime scene investigator. And, of course, there could always be some Flashpoint version of Patty that we never knew existed.

The Flash, which does still have characters that aren't confirmed to return, will kick things off in timeline-swapping style when Season 3 hits The CW on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. To see when everything else is coming to the small screen in the future, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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