How Much Weight Amber Rose Has Already Lost On Dancing With The Stars

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We're only a few short weeks into Dancing With The Stars Season 23 at this point, but the effects of the difficult dancing competition are already taking their toll. A few days ago, we learned Ryan Lochte had injured himself during the series, tweaking his ankle during the first week of the competition. Now, other competitor Amber Rose has admitted she's already dropped a ton of weight just from dancing her butt off. In fact, she says she's already dropped 8-1o lbs.

I'm sore as hell from Dancing with the Stars. I feel like I'm getting super toned. I feel like I lost probably 10 pounds, maybe 8 pounds already.

Speaking on her Loveline podcast, Amber Rose started talking about her experience on Dancing with the Stars, noting that she spends hours with her dancing partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, every single day. Most of the time when they are together, they are dancing or talking about dancing, and the whole experience can get quite exhausting---especially when Maks' partner Peta Murgatroyd is watching them and asking them to move their genitals a little closer for the sake of the dance. Regardless, the awkwardness has clearly paid off---at least in terms of weight loss. Amber Rose might be in the best shape of her life by the time this competition ends, provided she can make it to the end of Season 23.

Amber and Maks haven't had the best scores so far. She's earned 24s on numerous dances, and last week her scores landed her near the bottom of the pile in terms of overall numbers. Still, she hasn't gone home, yet, and in the world of Dancing with the Stars, being good at dancing is about as important as having fans who are willing to show up and vote for you each week. Overall, Amber Rose may not win the competition, but at least she'll look and feel good while competing.

Amber Rose isn't the first Dancing with the Stars competitor who has used the series as a weight loss tool. The most famous example of this is probably Kirstie Alley, who dropped from a size 12 to a size 6 during the weeks she was appearing on the ABC competition series. Kelly Osbourne also dropped a lot of weight while on the show, although she mangled her feet while doing it. Others, like Kendra Wilkinson, have used the competition series to help drop pregnancy weight. Not a bad way of doing it, either.

Of course, it's not easy to compete week in and week out. The dancers are often tired and even performing with injuries as the weeks wear on. But if they win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy---and since they are paid per appearance, even if they last quite a while---it's all worth it. You can see Amber Rose back in action when Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC. You can also find out when the rest of your fall favorites are returning with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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