The New Mythbusters Series Just Found Its Host


It was just a short time ago that Discovery announced its veteran TV series Mythbusters was ending, giving series leads Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman time to work on other projects. In the time since, however, Science Channel has picked up the Mythbusters mantle, announcing a new competition series in the franchise. Today, that new series has found its host. It looks like the Nerdist's Kyle Hill will be heading up the new show, which is set to be called Mythbusters: The Search.

If you don't know much about Mythbusters: The Search, that's OK. The program is sort-of going to be what The Glee Project was for Glee. It's going to follow a group of contestants who all have backgrounds in science and in building who all want to come together to do the types of jobs perfected by the original Mythbusters team, which at one point also included Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara. Each week, they'll be busting new myths in a competition setting that Kyle Hill Will host. The goal is to find "the next mythbusting superstars." Yes, basically so Science can simply reboot the series.

Kyle Hill isn't particularly well-known on television, but he does have a YouTube series called "Because Science" which does well. Some of the things he nerds out about are related to science, obviously, and that should make him a good fit for the gig. Plus, he's also worked with Science Channel on the series How To Build... Everything. Any on-camera work is a plus, and he should be pretty prepared for taking on the role of the host on Mythbusters: The Search.

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Fans of the original show on Discovery might have a little bit of an aversion to a brand new take on Mythbusters and even this spinoff competition series, but it's easy to see why Science Channel really wants to keep the property alive. Reruns of Mythbusters have done really well on the channel and there's no reason a remake of sorts wouldn't also do well.

Still, there's certainly something really over-the-top about rebooting a TV franchise less than a year after the original ended. We only saw Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage take over our TVs for the last time in March, and their loss is still fresh on our minds, not to mention a little raw. However, it could still be some time before Mythbusters: The Search hits the schedule. The show isn't expected to premiere until sometime in 2017. To find out what is coming to TV sooner, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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