One Plot The Big Bang Theory Is Planning To Jump Into

The Big Bang Theory has a ton of regular cast members, but a lot of the main series plots---especially regarding relationships---are focused on Penny and Leonard or Sheldon and Amy. Because of the Bernadette baby situation, Howard and his wife usually take next precedence and Raj's love life comes in last. During Season 9, we did see Raj get invested in a complicated love triangle between a previous love interest and new lovely lady, and if you've been wondering whether The Big Bang Theory will get back into this plot, the answer is yes. Here's what showrunner Steve Molaro has to say:

He is still involved with [both Emily and Claire]. We've got to take care of other [storylines] that are in play before we can refocus on things like Raj's dating situation.

So, there you have it, rather than The Big Bang Theory taking care of this plotline with a throwaway comment during the premiere, it looks like we will be seeing more of both Emily and Claire. However, Steve Molaro's comments to TV Line indicate that we may not be revisiting that specific plotline immediately during Season 10, as there's other stuff the show wants to focus on first. Considering we haven't even seen Emily since Episode 18 last season (and there were a whopping 24 episodes produced last time around), it should come as no surprise that the CBS sitcom is taking its sweet time before jumping into that plot.

Raj and claire

Still, at least we now know The Big Bang Theory is planning to wrap up loose ends. In addition, since Season 10 picked up right where Season 9 left off, it's not like there's been a huge time jump and Raj has been dating two women for an extremely lengthy time on the sly. Not that we are advocating for Raj in this situation. I get why he broke things off with Emily to start something with Claire, but then he jumped right back into bed with Emily. He really needs to figure out what he wants and, in extension, who he wants.

Whatever happens, it looks like it could be a while before this plays out. It seems like The Big Bang Theory is going to air an episode featuring an Air Force representative this week. Next Monday, Sheldon is going to get really into energy drinks and the gang has plans to decorate Bernadette's baby room, only to find Bernadette has "true feelings" about her pregnancy. That doesn't sound foreboding at all...

Anyway, there doesn't look to be room for Emily/Claire drama, but we'll let you know as soon as that changes. The Big Bang Theory currently airs new episodes on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET, but will move back to Thursday nights after football ends on CBS. You can find out when the show is shuffling and when the rest of your favorites are returning with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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