How The Flash Will Reference Tom Felton's Harry Potter History

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Season 3 of The Flash is going to cover a lot of ground in pleasing not only its core fanbase, but others as well. With the upcoming introduction of CSI whiz Julian, Harry Potter fans will get to watch actor Tom Felton make his debut in the DC TV universe, and the cross-section of those fandoms will be jazzed to know that The Flash isn't going to ignore Felton's past within the fantasy franchise. (And presumably not just by making Julian super-rich.) Here's what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say.

Tom Felton is portraying a character on our show --- he's not portraying Tom Felton. Cisco will continue to make pop culture references. We're, generally speaking, not afraid to have a little bit of a meta-moment.

Considering just how interestingly The Flash has used both John Wesley Shipp and Mark Hamill from the 1990s Flash series, I think viewers are well aware that this creative team has zero hesitation giving a wink and a nod to anyone who gets their references. Cisco is the most obvious person to go to for movie quips and quotes, but I'd love to hear a Harry Potter reference coming from someone more random. Like one of the Central City PD extras who also happens to be played by Daniel Radcliffe. I realize that's a stretch.

We don't know very much about Julian at this point, and there probably won't be a whole lot to know at first, since he's part of the Flashpoint arc. (Not that he couldn't return at some point, because duh, that's going to happen.) But he's supposed to take on something of an antagonistic role with Barry, though more in a job way than a supervillain way. So there's an easy jab to be made about Julian looking like a dandy fop version of Draco Malfoy.

Julian knows Barry in this world better than Barry knows himself, and there's something bubbling beneath the surface that's causing tension. The same goes for whatever is up between Barry and Joe. Maybe if Joe is a huge dick, Barry will drop a "He Who Must Not Be Named" joke, and Julian will get so pissed, because he's such a Draco.

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Tom Felton has his own ideas about what kinds of references might come up. Here's what he told EW.

I'm so excited for the references. I don't doubt the talent and creativity of the writers. I've got a feeling they'll come up with some real good ones. I hadn't thought about me saying it --- I assumed it would come at me from Cisco --- but maybe I should give it to Cisco. Maybe he should misquote something and I could correct him.

Barry had better hope these Harry Potter jokes and references are the funniest things he's ever heard in his life, assuming he's even around for them, because the happiness isn't going to last for long. Lots of dangerous villains are coming - some old and some new, as it goes - and it won't matter whether he's in Flashpoint or not, The Flash will be a very busy superhero in the next eight months.

We won't have to hold our hippogriffs much longer to see Tom Felton on the small screen again, asThe Flash will return to The CW for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET (and a day later to its newly updated apps).To see when everything else is coming to your , check out our fall premiere schedule.

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