One Big Change The Flash Is Making For One Of Its Villains In Season 3

There will be some major changes coming for Barry and Team Flash during Season 3. Now we know that one of the show's comic book villains will also have something very different about them when they finally make their appearance on the series. It looks like The Flash's version of the Mirror Master will be without his iconic weapon when he steps on the Central City scene.

[He] doesn't use the [mirror] gun. He's a true meta, but he's not necessarily warping into other dimensions.

What? How dare they take away the Mirror Master's super dangerous mirror gun. How else is he supposed to cause a reflective surface to replay the events it has seen in the past day? And, really, how will he be able to turn unsuspecting by-standers or good guys into shards of glass if he doesn't have his mirror gun? Honestly, what are the people behind The Flash thinking here? Well, OK, I guess it's possible that they have enough going on with Flashpoint and Earth-1 versus Earth-2 to then add a villain who can travel or imprison people by "warping into other dimensions," as executive producer Todd Helbing put it to TVLine.

OK, I think I'm getting the motivation on this now. With his mirror gun, the introduction of the Mirror Master (played by Aquarius star Grey Damon), might be too much for Barry and crew to deal with right off the bat. The character is expected to debut in the fourth episode of Season 3, and Barry and his gang of do-gooders will likely just be coming off of all the changes caused by him going back in time and saving his mother, and then going back in time again and reversing that action to try putting things back to normal in the present day. They'll already be dealing with a slightly new world and a host of other bad guys, having someone with that much power right off the bat might make things a tad too tricky for the S.T.A.R. Labs team.

As it is, Mirror Master is already known for some pretty massive feats without that fancy mirror gun. The guy can already move through reflective surfaces to get from one place to the next, create holograms and make himself invisible using his mirror skills, so the show doesn't really need a full-on exploration of the Mirror Lands (the inter-dimensional plane where all reflective surfaces can be accessed) just yet to show how much of a badass he is. Like I noted above, the team already has to deal with portals to different versions of Earth, not to mention what-the-hell-ever plane of existence the Speed Force showed Barry when it trapped him last season, so, you know, they've kind of got enough mind-twisters to deal with already.

Well, we can all see how dangerous Mirror Master is for ourselves when The Flash comes back for Season 3 on The CW on October 4.

Adrienne Jones
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