We Finally Know More About Tom Felton's Character In The Flash

The Flash

After the Flash traveled back in time and saved his mom from being killed at the end of the show's second season, fans knew they were in for a doozy of a Season 3. There's an all new timeline and Barry will find that he needs a massive learning curve to navigate some new terrain. Previous relationships are either changed completely or simply don't exist, and the series will introduce some new ones as well. The Flash is bringing on some new mysterious characters, including Tom Felton's Julian Dorn. The Harry Potter actor will play a fellow CSI, and has revealed some interesting new details about his character.

We don't know a whole lot about Julian Dorn, except that he works in CSI alongside Barry and they have some sort of rivalry. Speaking about their relationship with SciFiNow, Tom Felton revealed new aspects to his interactions with Barry. Apparently, Barry has a lot of catching up to do and this will result in some interesting moments with Dorn.

He's a forensic expert, so he treads on the toes of much of what Barry is good at. Hence they have a slightly abrasive relationship at first. I say abrasive, but I mean that -- clearly because of the events of the season -- none of the relationships that Barry has had with other cast members is the same. He's not familiar with me, but I'm familiar with him, so it's an odd dynamic. It seems like a love/hate thing at first.

In previous interviews, Tom Felton revealed that Dorn is an entirely new character and did not exist in the prime timeline before the Flash changed it. That means that, while Barry has some leg room to work with when it comes to people like billionaire Cisco, he has zero knowledge about Dorn- someone who's known him professionally for quite some time. Time travel, am I right?

It sounds like there's a rivalry at first, but knowing Barry it could turn to friendship further down the road. However, seeing as how Tom Felton has mostly played villainous characters in his career, can we expect Julian Dorn to take a nasty turn? If Dorn didn't exist before Flashpoint and Barry wants to return things to the status quo, that might not sit well with Dorn. Dr. Alchemy and Savitar are said to be the big bads of the season, but it wouldn't be the first time that The Flash has revealed that an ally was actually a psychopath the whole time.

We'll see how Barry deals with Dorn and Flashpoint when The Flash returns this fall on Tuesday, October 4, at 8 PM on the CW. To learn when more of your favorite shows are returning, then check out CinemaBlend's fall TV premiere schedule.

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