It's been more than three years since HBO first ordered a Westworld pilot, and in the time since, the show has been analyzed, speculated on and critiqued, despite no one having actually seen it. In fact, some observers all but wrote the project off as a failure after its budget soared and quite a few reshoots happened. It premiered earlier tonight, however, and it is incredible.

Featuring a ton of great performances by a wide net of cast members including Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright and some really crisp writing, it's polished and professional, but it never loses a larger sense of chaos, disorder and unpredictability. In short, it's great, for a lot of reasons, but let's focus on three of them in greater detail.

It Already Might Be The Most Beautiful Show On Television

Apologies to Game Of Thrones and a handful of others, but HBO's latest is absolutely gorgeous. The Old West landscape is barren and ugly when it needs to be, and it's lush and boundless when it needs to be. The accompanying laboratory feels incredibly real, even with rampant nudity and strange experiments in the background. Everything just feels right. The little details are all there in the way Westworld is shot.

Upon first glance, the visual appeal of the show might not seem like the most important ingredient, but for an epic that's supposed to be larger than life, a sense of wonder and a pop are very important. The audience needs to be transported without questioning what they're seeing. They need to live in the moment, no matter how ridiculous the premise might be. Westworld is able to offer that escape, and it's largely because of the landscapes, the cinematography and the art direction.

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