The Flash: Check Out The Arrow Character Heading To Next Week's Episode

The Flash Season 3 has just gotten underway, but that doesn't mean it's ever too early for friends from Arrow to stop by. Take a look at who'll be visiting the show next week.

Ah, see there. This promo, which played after the premiere and showed up on the Television Promos YouTube page, shows that The Flash is going to get a visit from Felicity Smoak herself next week in the Season 3 episode titled "Paradox." Barry realized at the end of the Season 3 premiere that he made a massive mistake by thinking he could go back in time, stop his mom from being murdered, and have everything turn out the way he wanted in the present day. And, when he finally puts things back, he sees that all is not as it was before. Felicity is the perfect person for him to discuss his timeline woes with; she's smart enough to understand what happened, but she isn't so directly involved in the changes he made that it would freak her out to know that he went and screwed with the timeline. Plus, it's Felicity. Who doesn't like to talk to Felicity when they need a friendly ear? No one, that's who.

Barry is going to give Felicity an earful about how he went and screwed up time by trying to save his mom. He'll probably be likely to reveal all the ins and outs of the altered timeline to her, seeing as how the two are good friends, and even had some sorta flirtatious moments back before Olicity was an official thing on Arrow. He knows he can trust her to listen, not judge and give him some perspective on his actions.

It looks like the episode is also going to give us more of the new big bad Alchemy, who it sounds like will have some major problems with Barry this season. And, considering how Alchemy came about, that's really not too much of a surprise, even if the villain doesn't realize it himself. Sometimes, Felicity, people really don't like pudding as much as you think they would.

There's also, as could be expected, some drama coming from Cisco and Iris about what they can probably tell are some weird things that Barry is going through, but isn't being forthcoming about. Cisco, apparently, doesn't feel like Barry is going to be there for him right now, which really sucks, because it looks like the guy is going to a grief support group (this will probably be because of Flashpoint). And Iris, for her part, is clearly wigging out over Barry not talking to her and filling her in on what's bugging him. How could he, though? He's the reason things are the way they are with her family right now, so it makes complete sense that he wouldn't want to tell her that.

Well, we can only hope that Felicity will be able to give Barry some friendly advice next week, because, after he screwed up the present, he's sure going to need it. You can catch The Flash Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Adrienne Jones
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