That Time Evan Peters Showed Jessica Lange His Junk On American Horror Story

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Evan Peters wasn't new to acting when he signed on for the first season of American Horror Story, but the anthology series was presumably the first project where one of his characters was showing off any kind of nudity on screen. Perhaps he should have sought out advice on the matter during the production of American Horror Story: Asylum, as he apparently experienced a wardrobe malfunction that had co-star Jessica Lange suffering most of all, thanks to a face-full of Peters' junk. Here's how the actor put it.

I basically am leaned over Jessica Lange's desk in a hospital gown, bare assed. So I put the cock sock on. . . . But I put it on the cock and we did the scene and afterwards Sarah came up to me and kisses me on the cheek and was all, 'Sweetheart, it's ok.' I was like, 'What, was I that bad?' I look over and Ms. Lange is telling the PA that apparently my balls were in her face the whole shot. So, apparently a cock sock is not just a cock sock, it's a cock and balls sock. Lesson learned. You gotta swoop down and sheath the balls as well.

Who among us hasn't taken on some product for the first time, only to realize that our instincts in using it were in error? I say, WHO? So judge not Evan Peters for the way he allowed his balls to swing in Jessica Lange's face. Judge the creator of said cock sock for not printing instructions on the material, or perhaps whoever provided the covering for not explicitly laying things out in a detailed diagram. And especially don't judge Jessica Lange, who deserves some major credit for apparently making it through the entire shot without interrupting it. That is professionalism, people.

Evan Peters, who presumably keeps it all sheathed on the set of the X-Men movies, shared his story when he stopped by Conan on TBS, because there are no two people better suited to hear a cock sock tale than Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter. A lot of weird shit has happened over the six-ish years of American Horror Story, and Peters has been in the middle of a lot of them, but I guess this is one of those cases where what's seen on the screen wasn't necessarily the most extreme thing happening. Can we expect Ryan Murphy to create another level of post-modern meta-ness by having André Holland's talking head version Matt Miller accidentally showing someone his nards on American Horror Story: Roanoke? Probably not, but maybe.

Jessica Lange doesn't have to worry about seeing anybody's nether regions on the set of American Horror Story anymore, and that is perhaps the biggest tragedy of all. At least it didn't happen to her in American Horror Story: Coven when Evan Peters was a Franken-dude. Who knows where those tic-tacs would have come from? One can only imagine who will see what on the set of the newly announced seventh season.

Though Evan Peters has yet to show his face on American Horror Story: Roanoke, you can bet that it's coming soon, and you can watch every Wednesday night on FX at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is hitting the small screen with genitalia fully covered (at least on most networks), head to our fall TV schedule. Head to the next page to see the actor tell the full story.

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