Hayley Atwell Is Returning As Agent Carter, Get The Details

Peggy Carter

When ABC cancelled Agent Carter, it was a sad day for us all, mostly because it was one less place we could see Hayley Atwell own it as Peggy Carter. Then the character passed away in Captain America: Civil War and it seemed like we were well and truly done with ever seeing Peggy again. Well, surprise! Hayley Atwell is returning to play the character once again, though not in the way some might be hoping. Atwell will be voicing Peggy Carter in an upcoming episode of the animated series, Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars.

According to ComicBookMovie.com, Hayley Atwell will lend her voice talents to the role of Peggy Carter for the cartoon, Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars. Formerly known as Marvel's Avengers Assemble, the series airs on Disney XD and changes its name per season based on whatever the main plot or villain is. This year the famous Secret Wars comic book storyline seems to be the inspiration for the name change, hinting that the Avengers will be getting into some multiverse shenanigans. Atwell will voice a time displaced Peggy who, alongside Howard Stark, teams up with Captain America and Iron Man to defeat the time traveling villain, Kang the Conqueror. That's something that would be awesome to see in live action, but cartoon works too.

While many would rather see Hayley Atwell resume the role in a live-action capacity, getting Peggy Carter in any form is a win for fans. Carter is a fan favorite character and there's a lot of reasons why she, of all characters in the MCU, was selected to get a spin off television series. Chief among those reasons is Atwell herself and her brilliant performance of the character. It also helps that the actress seems to really like playing the character, meaning we can probably count on seeing her in the role at least a few more times; you can never go wrong with a good flashback!

Hayley Atwell isn't the only MCU actor to reprise their live-action role through animation. Clark Gregg voices Agent Coulson on Ultimate Spider-Man, and while that show isn't exactly the best Spider-Man cartoon ever (that honor goes to Spectacular Spider-Man in my opinion), getting Greg to do the role is a nice touch for fans. He also voices the character in various other projects like the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. There's no reason Hayley Atwell can't do something similar.

Though we may be running low on our dosage of Peggy Carter, you can still at least see Hayley Atwell on TV. She's currently the lead on ABC's Conviction, in which she plays a former First Daughter and brilliant attorney who has fallen on hard times. She's blackmailed into heading up the Conviction Integrity Unit, where her team investigates people who may have been wrongly convicted of a crime. It's getting "meh" reviews but Atwell's performance is said to elevate the show.

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