A Dead Character Is Returning To Sleepy Hollow

Fox's Sleepy Hollow is making some big changes heading into Season 4, and now it may be making the biggest yet. This weekend, the Fox series announced that a major character will be returning to Sleepy Hollow. People leave and return to shows all the time, but it's not nearly as frequent that a dead character returns to the series. That's right, Sleepy Hollow is bringing back a majorly deceased character on the series. John Noble, who played Henry Parrish aka Jeremy Crane on Sleepy Hollow, is making a comeback.

Season 4 isn't expected to hit the schedule until midseason. Right now, we don't know a ton about how the character will return, but an announcement from Fox says that when the show returns, "Crane is reminded that nothing is permanent in the world of the supernatural."

The character was killed off of the series at the end of Season 2, along with Katrina Crane. The move marked a reboot in the overall tone and structure of Sleepy Hollow, as audiences weren't particularly fond of the Katrina and Ichabod plotline. Even the actress who played Katrina, Katia Winter, wasn't really happy with the direction her character was going in. The show sort of rebooted its central storyline for Season 3 and with the death of main character Abbie Mills, the show will be changing locations and rebooting again for Season 4.

henry parrish

If you don't remember much about Henry Parrish, his past was always pretty complicated. Originally the son of Ichabod and Katrina Crane, Katrina sent him away, fearing for his life when her coven took interest in the baby. Unfortunately, this meant he had an unhappy childhood. The family who took him in gave him up to an orphanage, where he was beaten. The coven later caught up with him and placed him and stopped his heart, burying him. Moloch was the creature who brought him out of this state, pitting him against his parents, whom he hated. He eventually aligns himself with Katrina and recognizes Ichabod as his family, but the latter only happens after Abbie Mills fatally shot him.

The return of a dead character isn't unprecedented on Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod Crane was resurrected at the start of the supernatural drama. Other dead characters have continued to play a role on the series after death or have been brought back into the realm of the living. I think that fans would likely be most excited if it were Abbie Mills coming back from the dead, but as the actress chose to leave the Fox drama, the resurrection of her character seems unlikely at this point.

In any event, we have a while to wait before we see how this pans out. Sleepy Hollow will return to Fox at midseason. To find out what is set to premiere this fall, check out our TV premiere schedule.

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