Grey's Anatomy: We May Already Know Arizona's New Love Interest

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There are few shows quite as long lasting as ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Currently in its 13th season, diehard fans have seen the surgeons from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital go through basically every dramatic situation possible. Aside from the hospital shooting, a lion, and a musical episode, the majority of the drama on Grey's revolves around the sex and romantic life of the main characters. Chief among them were the on again/off again couple of Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), who went through more ups and down than a rollercoaster. But now that Sara Ramirez has (unceremoniously) left the show, it's time for Arizona to find new love. And it may be a character we're already familiar with.

While we previously reported that Arizona's new love interest was most likely a brand new character, new reports are pointing to someone familiar. TV Line is reporting that Tessa Ferrer will be returning to Grey's to reprise the role of Leah Murphy. Murphy was a surgical intern in Jo and Stephanie's class, and had a brief romantic fling with Arizona that ultimately led to a sexual harassment case being filed against the hospital. She was later fired by Richard Webber for being a poor surgeon, but she presumably is still in Seattle during Season 13's events.

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While this is still a rumor at this point, Leah Murphy's return to Grey's Anatomy speaks very highly to good production. When new characters are introduced to be a surgeon's new romantic partner, it tends to play out the same way every time. The newbie comes to the hospital as a patient, the single character treats and falls for them, and usually they end up dying. We've seen this with Denny and Teddy's husband Henry, and last season found Kyle (Wilmer Valderrama) suffer the same fate. Now they're breaking the mold and bringing back a character we haven't seen in quite some time, which is sure to delight the hardcore fandom.

It should be interesting to see what Murphy has been doing for the past few years. When she was fired from the surgical program at Grey Sloan Memorial, Richard Webber told her she'd still make for a fine doctor- it was just her skills in the OR that were lacking. Did she take his advice and get a job at some practice? Or was the rejection too fresh, and Murphy had to find another career entirely? Hopefully all will be revealed later on in Season 13.

Additionally, Leah and Arizona's connection was a little funky during their brief tryst, so it their reconnection will probably make for some solid TV. Will Leah continue to be clingy and obsessed with Arizona, or has she gotten some game in the past four years? Perhaps things will reverse and Arizona will cling to Leah out of loneliness. Either way, we here at CinemaBlend will be there to talk through all the craziness.

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