The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Title Is A Creepy Callback

There's seldom time to look back during a zombie apocalypse. With hordes of flesh-eating monsters all around you, and violent psychopaths at every corner, it behooves a survivor to constantly look forward. That being said, the title of The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere has finally been released to the public, and it seems like an unnerving callback to a major Season 1 moment. Whatever happens between Rick, Negan, and the rest of the survivors, it will have the most emotional impact of any Walking Dead death to date.

The Walking Dead

We have officially learned the title for the Season 7 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, and it's something that will undoubtedly send a chill down your spines; the title of the episode is "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be." Astute fans of the series will recognize this statement as Edwin Jenner's final words to Rick as the survivors attempted to escape the CDC before it exploded during the Season 1 finale. As fans will likely remember, Jenner fully intended to let the CDC go up in flames with everyone inside -- thus saving them from the horrors of the new world. When the doctor finally acquiesced to Rick's pleas and allowed everyone to escape, he cynically skirted the gratitude of Mr. Grimes with that one, simple sentence.

Check out the scene in question below to see for yourself:

These words indicate that the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead will be big -- far bigger than we anticipated. Rick Grimes has gone through so much over the course of the last six seasons, but this will apparently take the cake. He has had to murder his best friend, watch countless allies die, and even watch his son lose an eye to a brutal gunshot wound. However, it's the events of the Season 7 premiere that will finally make at least one member of the group regret fighting for a chance at survival.

If we want to read even further into this title, it could seemingly indicate that a longtime member of Rick Grimes' crew will bite the dust during the Season 7 premiere. We know that someone will die, but Negan's victim could be far more important to Rick than we previously thought. With that in mind, the only survivors left from the CDC adventure are Daryl, Carl, Rick, and Glenn. Could one of Rick's closest and most long-term allies finally meet a gruesome end? At this point we cannot confirm anything, but there's certainly ample evidence to support such an idea.

We will figure out the exact meaning of this title when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Until then, you can keep yourself up to date with more information regarding all of the most highly anticipated fall TV debuts by checking out our comprehensive fall television premiere schedule.

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