Corey Feldman Returned To Today Show For Another Performance, Watch It Here

Negative feedback isn't going to stop Corey Feldman from expressing himself. Despite receiving criticism over his recent performance on the morning show, Feldman returned to Today to perform a different song with his Angels. Check it out below.

The song is called "Take a Stand," and it's another track that can be found on his 2-disc album Angelic 2 the Core. Feldman told TODAY:

This song is for America. We are at a time right now where the world needs to focus, really, on peace and love and tolerance. Especially with all of the bullying. So this is about the government, this is about the race. This is about the United States. Love and peace.

Best known for his starring and supporting roles in 80s films like The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, Corey Feldman has shifted to music in recent years, as evidenced by his performance of "Go 4 It" on TODAY back in September. The performance resulted in an onslaught of feedback on social media, much of it negative. Some were confused about or surprised by the performance, and understandably, many didn't even know Corey Feldman has been making music all these years.

On The Talk, Sharon Osbourne questioned why TODAY would give such a coveted spot to someone who's not known to be a hit-maker or a major musician. That's a fair question. Even if he's well known as an actor and celebrity, Corey Feldman isn't a pop star in the musical sense, so the venue for such a public debut was a bit surprising in that regard.

Corey Feldman's return to TODAY on Thursday morning might suggest that he couldn't care less what his critics think, however his earlier reactions to the criticism suggests otherwise, especially taking into account his Facebook Live reaction, which has since been removed. Feldman also visited CBS' The Talk later in September to discuss the performance and the backlash (and support) he received for it...

As noted, it wasn't all criticism for the original performance. A number of stars (including Kesha and Pink) came to the artist's defense...

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And it seems like that support, along with the support of his friends and fans, had an impact on the star's confidence. Whether or not you're a fan of Corey Feldman's music, you have to admit, it takes guts to return so soon after the last performance, and do it again, especially knowing that he was affected by some of the negativity prompted by the first performance.

You can get Corey Feldman's Angelic 2 the Core: Angelic Funkadelic / Angelic Rockadelic over at Amazon. Bonus, if you're already using your free trial of Amazon's Music Unlimited streaming service, you'll find the album available streaming there.

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