Corey Feldman's Music Performance On The Today Show Must Be Seen To Be Believed

If you grew up in the '80s then you know actor Corey Feldman from movies like Stand by Me, The Goonies and The Lost Boys. Well, prepare yourselves, because your impression of him might be about to change...a lot. Feldman is now a singer, and his performance on the Today show this morning will probably turn your memories of the actor upside down. Take a look.

Um...OK...I just...Uh. Alright, let me just take a moment to catch my breath and ease my racing thoughts so that this whole article isn't a series of ums, whats and ughs. Phew, OK, now I'm ready to discuss this...musical performance. The video of Corey Feldman's appearance on the Today show was posted on the madbadhadsad YouTube page, and, thank heavens they have allowed us to view this performance of "Go 4 It" again, because there are lots of things to say about it.

After a brief intro detailing some of Feldman's movie hits, we're informed by hosts Billy Bush and Sheinelle Jones that not only does the song he'll perform come from his new double album, "Angelic 2 the Core", but that he's been working on this masterpiece for 10 years. We're also told by Feldman that the recording is dedicated to, among others, Michael Jackson, who I'm sure would have loved to hear that. In the words of Billy Bush, "Tell me what's happening!"

Corey Feldman is pleased as punch to discuss his music, and seems especially proud of the, ahem, artwork on the cover of this CD, which shows him being pulled out of a fiery pit by two buxom angels. He's backed by some ladies, whom he calls Corey's Angels, and, apparently, they're all beautiful lost women who need to find their way in life. So, you know, thank the heavens above for Corey Feldman helping out all those gorgeous lost ladies, or who knows what would happen to them, right?

Then, of course, without much more preamble, Feldman begins to flap his arms and the performance starts. And, well, I don't even really know what to say about what happened next.

All of it is just odd. Corey Feldman is singing his heart out, Corey's Angels are playing his backing track (I guess), and they're also serving as his background singers. There's some more arm flapping and some prancing, and some interpretive dance. Feldman throws his hood off at one point, you know, so he can really get down while he sings. He's clearly very into the whole thing, and even busts out some Michael Jackson-esque dance moves...

Alright, you're seen it, and don't pretend you haven't watched it multiple times by now. Go on, tell us, what's your favorite part? The singing? The Doc Ice interlude where he just says "Get it, get it" 47 times. Is it the looks on the hosts' faces after he finishes as they try to stay positive? Or, is it the arm flapping? Let us know in the comments.

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