The Lost Boys Is Heading To TV With A Long-Term Plan

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Movies are being turned into TV series all the time these days, and it's always interesting to see which ones make the leap, and if there are any changes made in the adaptation process. Well, boils and ghouls, the seminal 1980s teen vamp horror The Lost Boys is getting a small-screen remake for The CW that sounds pretty incredible when the long-term details are broken down. So let's dig into what I really hope is Chinese food and get to them.

First, The Lost Boys will make it through TV development via the wonderful imagination of Rob Thomas, creator of fan favorites Veronica Mars and iZombie. Thomas has made a good living writing adventurous and twisty stories for young people - he also created 90210 and the criminally underwatched Party Down - with iZombie proving he's just as good when it comes to making his wit and snark more macabre in nature. So that's great.

Second, Rob Thomas' plans for The Lost Boys are so much more than the film franchise ever hinted at being. The insanely ambitious goal here is to keep The Lost Boys going for at least seven seasons, where each season will be set in a different decade. Season 1, according to Deadline, would be set in San Francisco during 1967, so we'd get to see motorcycle riding vampires mixing it up with free-loving hippies and baby boomers. And while that setting would change, as is the case with the human characters and the seasonal antagonist, the central group of vampires would remain as close to exactly the same as make-up will allow. We've seen immortal characters on TV before, but this could explore that angle like few other scripted projects.

frog brothers

One can only hope Rob Thomas and his producer team put some feelers out to see if anyone from the movie is interested in returning. Jason Patric was recently on Wayward Pines' second season, so he's used to it. Corey Feldman is probably always willing to work, so get him and Jamison Newlander on the phone to come back as the Frog Brothers in some way. And let's not leave out Dianne Wiest, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz and Alex Winter.

It was only recently announced that The Lost Boys is getting another sequel of sorts in the form of a comic book. It's not surprising that nobody really wants to get back behind another big screen version, since the direct-to-video sequels in 2008 and 2010 didn't exactly light the world on fire. While its potential home on The CW probably means we won't get to see any insanely gory special effects, let's hope the story is good enough to keep me from noticing.

There's no plan in place for when The Lost Boys will officially show up on The CW, considering it's just being put together right now, but know that we will be hanging out underneath the train tracks, ready to catch that hopefully good news when it passes. Until then, you can find everything heading to TV later this year with our fall premiere schedule.

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