Brandon Routh Took A Super Crossover Photo With Melissa Benoist, See It Now

The addition of Melissa Benoist and Supergirl to The CW's DC universe has meant the potential for bigger superhero crossovers than ever. Legends of Tomorrow actor and former Superman Returns star Brandon Routh just shared a pic he took with Benoist. It doesn't give much away about what we can expect from this year's big CW DC crossover, but it's positively Super. Check it out!

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What could be better than the former Superman and the current Supergirl bonding over a cup of Bulletproof coffee? Superman and Supergirl are two characters who cannot be stopped by any bullet unless it's made of Kryptonite, and they presumably have super-metabolisms to let them drink all the butter-infused java they want. Even if Routh plays a different superhero nowadays, it should be easy for some of us to see him as Superman in the photo with Melissa Benoist, and not just because he's not wearing any glasses to conceal his identity. Superman Returns was never the most well-received superhero flick to hit theaters, but the problem was never that Brandon Routh didn't look the part.

Of course, it would be worth getting excited about the photo even if it didn't have the Super flair. The pic is yet another glimpse at what's to come in the epic CW DC crossover that will pit our heroes up against the alien race known as the Dominators, who are best known in DC Comics for their invasion of Earth because of their worry about the growing population of metahumans. The Flash has spent the last two seasons introducing metahumans from two different Earths, and Legends of Tomorrow even has a couple on the team.

The good guys may need all the help they can get from Kara as a friendly alien, and it looks like she'll be interacting with Ray Palmer at some point. It should be interesting to see if she has some connection to the Dominators or if she just comes over to help. If the latter, she may be able to bond with Oliver Queen over being sucked into trouble due to Earth-1 metahuman shenanigans.

Interestingly, it seems that there will be some breaks in the action as the heroes fight the Dominators. Kara is wearing her daywear, with her identity-concealing spectacles in place. She won't be flying around battling other aliens the whole time. Who knows? Maybe she and Ray will be able to share coffee in character. Brandon Routh isn't wearing his Atom suit.

Hopefully any interactions between Kara and Ray go well enough that Kara introduces him to her cousin at some point. Even Brandon Routh is on board for scenes with Supergirl's new version of Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin. A former Superman, current Superman, and current Supergirl all in a scene together could be fun and fitting with Supergirl's trend of casting folks from past DC Comic movies.

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