How Matthew McConaughey Feels About People Making Fun Of His Lincoln Commercials

matthew mcconaughey lincoln commercial

If you watch TV, you've almost certainly seen Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey behind the wheel of a Lincoln for a strangely contemplative car commercial. The ads don't tend to say too much about the features of a Lincoln, but they definitely give the impression that you should buy or lease one if you're looking for a vehicle that makes you think deep thoughts about life while driving to the grocery store. Basically, the ads are really easy to make fun of. Matthew McConaughey had this to say about why he does the ads anyway:

Fuck that. Because I'm going to. And I like 'em. And they pay well. And they allow me to go and do these other little movies for a lot less.

You do you, Matthew McConaughey! If you want to take home the big bucks for driving around in a Lincoln while delivering cryptic monologues, you go for it. A hefty paycheck is a pretty damn good reason for taking a job, and kudos to McConaughey for sharing why he does the ads. Maybe he just used up his entire supply of enigmatic speeches while filming those Lincoln commercials, but the bluntness of his admission is pretty fun. It's even more fun to imagine him rolling around in piles of Lincoln money like a very handsome Scrooge McDuck.

In all seriousness, Matthew McConaughey's reveal to Esquire is a positive reflection of the actor's desire to do more than just summer blockbusters and formulaic rom coms. If he doesn't feel that he can participate in smaller projects because he won't make enough money, the Lincoln paycheck can compensate and let him flex his creative muscles. He may need to be discerning if he wants another Oscar, and he's not going to get another Oscar if he can't pick and choose which roles best suit him. Of course, he wouldn't exactly be strapped for cash without the Lincoln money. Still, if he likes 'em, then why not 'em coming?

Besides, the commercials really are fun to mock. Jim Carrey even got in on the fun when he hosted SNL back in 2014. He filmed no less than three spoofs of McConaughey's Lincoln ads, complete with the drawl and gestures that we've come to expect of McConaughey. It's just so easy to laugh at them. Take a look at one of the most bizarrely vague of the Lincoln ads:

Each of Matthew McConaughey's commercials have millions of views on YouTube, and he'll probably be able to rely on the spokesman gig for as long as there's buzz around his appearances. The buzz may not all be positive, but it definitely has people talking about Lincolns. We'll have to wait and see what's next for McConaughey now that he has the extra money from the ads. My fingers are crossed for a How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days sequel.

Check out our TV schedule to see what you can watch this fall. You'll probably catch a few Lincoln ads no matter what you pick.

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